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UK customer service gone insane?

Long time lurker first time poster.

Took delivery of my M3 a few weeks ago, all the paperwork was filled out on the day.
Today I got an email saying that there was a 'system error' and that I needed to return some paperwork ASAP.

But that's not all. In the email the Tesla rep actually threatens to 'recover' my car if I don't fill the paperwork in. WTF?

I've already paid my car in full - no finance and have a V5C in my name.

Have they literally gone insane? Has anything like this happened to anyone else? What is the best way to complain about this?
Its a 'Sale Declaration and Certificate of Examination'

The email is from a tesla.com address with a valid digital signature. The VIN on the paperwork is correct.
Sounds really dodgy. I'd contact your SC and ask them about it. If they don't know what it is then i'm sure you can safely ignore.

If they do then they owe you an explanation of why they aren't calling you in person out of courtesy :mad:
Offer & acceptance. IMO the car is now yours (paid for, title, possession) and if Tesla removed your car that would be theft.

It may be a crafty way to retrospectively get you to agree to terms that probably very few of us read on their iPad on the day you collected (‘the last shot fired’). Did anyone read it / get a copy?
This is what I believe is correct: (Please correct me if im wrong!)

If the V5C is in your name and you paid in full then its legally yours (They have to have a really good reason to take it off you). Hence why Lease companies have it in there name.

If bought with a loan (I note you mention No finance!) its still yours as the bank lent you the money. And if you dont pay, thats what the banks want back (They dont care about the car, just the money owed and they have to get a CCJ and then enforce the debt collection. This then allows them to "forcefully" retrieve goods (any type you own) to pay the debt off).

You made an order, they invoiced you, you paid in full, goods (car) given in agreed new/good condition = Contract complete :)

So them threatening you "threatens to 'recover' my car if I don't fill the paperwork in." is way OTFT (Over The F*****g Top).

Twitter Elon! with a copy of letter :) - spam him!