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Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x


Mar 12, 2020
Is there a reason I can't think off that there is only a start time for charging and no stop time? I assume USA also has similar electricity tariffs with off peak cheap rates. Would make life simpler, I'm pretty sure most EV owners have moved to a tariff where they can optomise costs.

Why not just provide the Tesla with your home charger tariffs and have the machine figure it out based on business rules (time of departure @ SoC) the best strategy for charging?

Much like the Jedlix app is now doing for me.
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Jul 1, 2019
mid wales
Why not just provide the Tesla with your home charger tariffs and have the machine figure it out based on business rules (time of departure @ SoC) the best strategy for charging?

Much like the Jedlix app is now doing for me.

Because you'ld get a bill from Palo Alto.....


Aug 31, 2019
Another one who doesn’t mind the new UI layout, took it for a brief drive this morning on a route where whenever I used to engage autopilot it would get far to close to the kerb causing me to constantly disengage. This time it was much better leaving a comfortable gap and seemed more centred in the lane.
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Dec 5, 2020
Just been for a drive with the new update. UI isn't a bad as I was expecting TBH. The visualisations are a lot clearer. The cameras seem to see things further away too. The yellow Amber and red warnings are a bit of a distraction.

However TACC or AP doesn't seem to be working properly as the speed limit signs don't seem to be recognised correctly. Going between different speed limits it seems to get confused.

Some 50 were on screen as 60 then even 30 as 50 limits.

Maybe will correct itself after a few drives.


Feb 8, 2020
I just tried it aound a large block that includes traffic lights and country roads. New icon layout is clearly legible.

Always looked at the visualisation as just that but with a large delay of a second or so but it seems much snappier and even shows amber at the lights.
Comparing it with the road, you could almost use it with blacked out windows if it showed brake lights for the car in front as the bends in the road and car positioning is far superior.
I wonder if this is a sampler using the re-write to allow/enable a real FSD possibility?
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Oct 27, 2020
Dows a time know if any UK model 3s have the exterior speaker? Mines only a couple of months old and no boombox features? Guessing regulations on sound?

Doesn't look like anyone has it and from enquiries that people have made they speaker isn't available even as a spare part from Tesla yet (probably will be from mid 2021 because it will have to be fitted to new cars).

Regulations may be one reason, currently - I think (someone correct me) - newly introduced cars have to follow one set of regulations and older cars have to follow the older regulations, from the middle of 2021 all new cars sold will have to follow the new regulations at which point I expect old cars can be modified to follow the new regs or left.

Again, someone correct me here:
Old regulations basically don't specify any noise generator, volume or anything else except that it must only operate in forward gears if fitted.

New regulations specify a lot more. There must be a noise generator, it must operate up to 12mph, it must continuous tone (like a traditional engine for example), it must vary in some way to indicate the vehicle operating speed (e.g. higher pitch as you accelerate, different tone for reverse) and has to provide a certain volume at 2m from the vehicle (I think it's 71-78db for the M3, it varies by vehicle classification).

There's some other stuff, but I think all of that probably goes some way to explain why the current vehicles don't have a speaker yet - for one thing the reversing noise can't be used yet in any Tesla's currently on sale in the UK and they may not have an easy way to disable it, but if they launched the MY in January then it would have to have the speaker fitted. We're in a slightly weird situation.

Tony Hoyle

May 7, 2019
Stockport, UK
Lots of EVs have reversing sounds.. the law saying they shouldn't seems to be overridden by the laws on the PWS (I'm not certain that is correct in reality - indeed the leaf doesn't have reversing sounds for that reason - but that's the way manufacturers are interpreting it and nobody is stopping them).

There does need to be a way of disabling the PWS on a per-drive basis which the current Tesla software does not comply with.


Jan 28, 2020
Shropshire, UK
Thanks to all the earlier 'bah humbug' responses in this thread, I also approached driving after the update with low expectations. However, I quite like the new UI. Specifically:
  • Although the speedo text is smaller, I can still read it without glasses, and I think it helps having the road speed limit, AP availability/use, TACC/AP max speed and the current speed all together rather than stretched out as they were before
  • Having speed-related info in the top right of the screen (for RHD) moves it more into preipheral visision so I found it easier to see whilst still looking where I'm going
  • The vertical arrangement of PRND also seems a bit more intuitive
  • Having D in blue whilst using AP also seems logical, and I think it is too small to be confused with full beam headlights
  • Traffic light colours are really clear in this update
A couple of things don't work quite so well:
  • The power consumption/regen bar doesent seem quite as intuitive and seems a bit lost - it was better when it was centred (although having it adjacent to the battery makes sense (i.e. next to where the power comes from/goes to)
  • The grey battery seems a bit odd, but then I guess amber (low) and red (very low) (I assume it does this?) might be a bit more prominent vs bright green (which now means charging).
So if you are holding off on updating, you might want to try the update for yourself. You might like it :eek:


Jan 24, 2020
I went out for a drive - I like the new layout, bit like getting a new car for Christmas. All looks fresh and shiny - pity there is no new car smell (there's something I didn't know I wanted Elon!).

A UI refresh on any OS has a bunch of people saying they don't like it, but if you want the latest security and features, you gotta move on...


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Aug 19, 2019
Too right! Also to check the load hasn't dumped itself on the car behind.
I find the camera a little low but then it is a reversing camera and not a trailer cam! :p

Yes, I've always loved "trailer cam" too ... strangely reassuring when you can see no sign of it in the mirrors and it doesn't feel like there's anything attached!

The new UI is generally OK for me (I can't see any problem with the speedo size/position). The only thing I'm finding is that when I swipe to bring the Trip card (or the tyre pressures card) onto the screen I have to do it multiple times because the first swipe(s) just spins the car visualisation! If anybody has a reliable technique I would be grateful to hear about it.
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Aug 19, 2019
  • The power consumption/regen bar doesent seem quite as intuitive and seems a bit lost - it was better when it was centred (although having it adjacent to the battery makes sense (i.e. next to where the power comes from/goes to)

Agree on that one. I don't understand why it is such a thin line ... I'm interested to note how the dots are doing and they are sometimes not as visible as they might be ... the line and dots just need to be about 4 times thicker.
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Jan 9, 2020
Anyone else with premium connectivity unable to access theatre unless connected to WiFi?
It worked for me - I watched some YouTube earlier without WiFi.

When playing in the car more generally I did get a few reboots - as mentioned by Tony above. It wasn’t just entertainment where I found this either. To clean up the new visualisation I decided to take the aero covers off (using the service screen) - I couldn’t be bothered before - and it rebooted whilst I was playing with those options too.
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Jun 3, 2019
I like the new update but I really want PWS as a while back had a, fortunately, close(ish) call with some one partially sighted. I would happily buy the Tesla speaker just to have the confidence it was there. As long as I can disable it for a trip, say when returning home late at night. All the boom box stuff is fun but it’s the pure practical and peace of mind aspect I want it for
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