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UMC Gen 1 or 2? I seem to have parts of both...

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So I picked up my CPO yesterday, and the UMC is a little strange. From looking at the pictures online, I have all the Gen 1 parts (adapter is only the small part that plugs in at the one end, not the dangling cord, and the UMC box lights up green on the little vertical line as charging), but the part that you plug in to the Tesla directly is the Gen 2 plug (no button, just the circle around the dot). In the pics attached, I circled in red what my UMC is comprised of from each generation...

So if I want to order a 5-20 adapter, I should order the UMC Gen 1 adapter? I just want to make sure before doing so. Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I'm only on day one of being a Tesla owner.

gen 1 circle.jpg gen 2 circle.jpg
...So if I want to order a 5-20 adapter...

You need to buy an adapter that fits.

You can identify whether yours Gen 1 or 2 by looking at what looks like a brick.

If that brick has a socket to receive a pig tail, then that's Gen 2.


If that brick has no socket directly on its side end but it has a permanently short cable that has connecting connecting socket, that's Gen 1


So please buy your 5-20 adapter according to what your brick looks like so it can either fit directly to the brick (Gen2) or fit to a short cable that has a socket (Gen1.)

It would be helpful if you can post a picture of what you have.
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