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unable to calibrate touchscreen

Our VDS (touchscreen) has gone wonky. Icons on the bottom right side of the screen are no longer accessible. When you press the screen a spot below and to the left of where you press is activated. So when on a drive screen I press the right arrow the home link is activated. I tried the touchscreen calibration but it fails and says service required. It is also a little tricky to get out of the endless loop that puts you in (hold your finger on the screen until in blanks and count to 30 before releasing). I pulled the connector on the VDS but that didn't work. I also pulled the connectors on the VMS but that failed to fix anything either. The Seatle service center has never heard of this problem before. Anyone have any suggestions before I order a new VDS?
Last I checked new ones were available from Tesla. But at 650 I decided I could live without it. I’m thinking it might just be some passive components on the board but I haven’t pulled it out to look since I first had the problem.
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