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Unable to charge. Car now at dealer

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Hi everyone.

First time poster,

I purchased a two and a half year old SP100D and took delivery of it a week ago. As I've not got a wall charger installed yet I've been using the standard home cable for the past week.

It's been working fine every day but I got up this morning to find 'Unable to charge, disconnect cable and retry' displayed on the screen. After trying various other charging points I took the car to my local tesla workshop, they tested my cable which was fine, and then sent me home in an Uber and said they would try and prioritise it next week.

Just wondered if anyone had this before and if so what was done to repair it?

Thanks in advance.
Each time you connect to charge the car does some tests checking for a good ground and low charging circuit external impedance. That message usually means that the car or wall connector is not fully seated. That's why they suggest you unplug and replug as that often solves the problem of an improperly seated plug. Other things can, of course, lift the ground or introduce charging path resistance such as corrosion of a wire, loose screw or internal connector etc. If you tried different outlets and the SC tried a different UMC then it appears that the problem is in the vehicle itself such as a defective charge port or even a defective charger (the charger is in the car - that thing you think of as the charger only supplies current to the charger in the car).

There are lots of reports here of bits of plastic breaking off the charging connector or plug and lodging in the system. Some guys have been able to find those bits and remove them with various tools.
Great service from Tesla in Birmingham, UK.

Car went in Friday and they called me Monday afternoon to say they had replaced the onboard charger like mentioned above. I collected the car today.

Also said they'd sent a ranger out to my home to replace some trim clips that were causing a rattle.

Impressed with the service so far!