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Vendor Unboxing Jowua: Invisible Foldaway Car Mount with MagSafe Charger and iPhone case.

Jowua has introduced a new MagSafe car mount charger which is easy to install, keeps the minimalist style of the Tesla interior, and integrates wireless charging functionality to power up your iPhone with MagSafe. Jowua MagSafe cases were designed together with the car mount so you can place your iPhone one-handed.

To add wireless charging functionality to the invisible car mount, the design team came up with an excellent way to connect to the rear USB-C port, and added some cable clips, so there won’t be any struggling with a tangled cable.

Packaging includes the MagSafe charger, installation frame, an additional spare 3M adhesive sticker, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a USB-C female to USB-A male adapter.



Packaging includes the MagSafe charger, installation frame, an additional spare 3M adhesive sticker, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a USB-C female to USB-A male adapter.


The rear USB-C port design keeps the cable from getting tangled while charging, and hides it behind the screen.


The cable clips help manage the cable, keeping the interior clean and organized.

Installation: How do you use the installation frame, and hide the cable?​

Jowua’s car mounts are designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Each package comes with an installation frame for users to install the car mount on the screen. Tear off the 3M adhesive release liner, align with the corner of the screen, and press the car mount to the back of the screen firmly to complete.

The last step is plugging in the cable and hiding it. Plugin the L-shaped connector into the rear USB-C ports and tuck the cable into the side trim strip and the front strip corner.

We highly recommend using the rear USB port to supply power because you can keep the center console sliding door closed, and not occupy the front ports that have faster charging speeds.

The installation is straightforward, but you can watch the official video for more details:


Plug in the L-shaped USB-C connector into the rear USB-C ports.


Hide the cable by trucking it into the side trim strip and front strip corner.


If your rear USB ports are USB-A, don’t worry about it. Jowua includes a free USB-A (Male) to USB-C (Female) adapter in the packaging.


After hiding the cable, you can install the MagSafe car mount with the included installation frame.


The look of the MagSafe car mount matches perfectly to the Tesla interior.


The adjustable metal arm and 360-degree swivel ball keep your iPhone at your ideal viewing angle.


You can fold your car mount like this to hide it when not in use. It’s not visible from the driver’s viewing angle.

Perfect match to go with Jowua Magsafe case for iPhone 13

Because the iPhone is the most preferred mobile phone among Tesla owners, and in order to provide a better user experience, Jowua launched the iPhone 13 MagSafe case for the following devices: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The MagSafe magnetic functionality is super convenient for Tesla drivers. The iPhone is held firmly and tightly by the car mount, and drivers can remove or place the iPhone with one hand.

An extra and cool feature is that the Magsafe iPhone case has a special kickstand design to protect the camera, view your phone from 3 different angles (20°, 45°, 85°), and you can use it as a finger ring for easy phone carrying.


Jowua provides two colors - translucent and matte black - for the iPhone 13 MagSafe cases.





The combination of the Jowua MagSafe case and the wireless charging is the best combo when navigating while driving or watching a video while pulled over.


The iPhone 13 cases are made of a high-quality translucent matte material, provides 360° protection, and effectively prevents fingerprints, scratches, and oil residue. In addition, there is also a lanyard hole design on the side for convenient carrying.


The unique design of this iPhone 13 case integrates camera protection, a stand, and a “ring” function. The kickstand is higher than the edge of the camera for protection.


The protective case has a built-in kickstand function, and users can choose different angles based on different scenarios.




With the kickstand, it’s very convenient to watch videos or make Facetime video calls.


The built-in metal finger ring makes it easier to hold your bigger iPhone pro max.

The new Invisible Foldaway Car Mount with MagSafe Charger and iPhone cases are currently available for order: JOWUA

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