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Undercarriage inspection DIY with phone


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Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
Might be an obvious thing to many but in case it's not, thought I'd mention that you can use an extending Selfie stick with your phone attached to it and put it on Video with the camera recording facing you and easily record the undercarriage of your car this way. No lifts or jacks needed. Sort of like the car inspection mirror but better! And a great use for that selfie stick you never use and wondered why you bought in the first place LOL.
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In general you want also to check suspension mounts, breaks pads, coolant hoses...

A good complement would be this $15 snake inspection USB camera

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Almost bought one of those when we had a drain issue. But yes would also be helpful to have on hand.

BTW the selfie stick I have has no controls which is fine because I use the Camera Remote on my iWatch (have an iPhone as well) to start and stop the video and grab a still if need be.