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Understanding Tesla Part Numbers

Anyone know what everything means in their part numbering system?
Their part numbers are usually #######-##-X such as 1234567-06-A
I'm guessing the first 7 is the number, the last letter is the revision. What is the 06 mean?

Many theories have been suggested, but none of them correspond to the facts. I.e. I dont believe theres a unified part number system for all parts - except they’ve all have the 7-2-2 structure.. Often there’s an apparent pattern/system within a part category, and very often the letter signifies a revision like @BigD0g notes. But it’s not a consistent system across part categories. For instance: Good luck trying to figure out the logic behind HV battery part number history.

But yeah, generally the first 7 digits represents the part in question. But those change as well, e.g. for the MCU, where pre-december 2015 has a different 7 first digits than the post december ‘15 builds (the ones with LTE).

I guess this discussion is pretty meaningless without a clear definition of what a part ‘revision’ is, as opposed to what must be taken as a bigger change like in my MCU example above... Anyone?