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Uneasy Feeling About Delivery

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I will first start by saying, I have read almost every post on here since March 2019 and watched most YouTube videos on the Model 3. I was so apprehensive about buying one that I could not do a custom order in fear of the stories that have been posted on here and the buzz everywhere else. My initial plan was to purchase a used one, so I would know exactly what I was receiving (more or less) and, at minimum, the delivery issues would be worked out. I have people warning me about glass cracking, motor failure, missing paint .... and then I finally decided, I would take the risk.

With all that being said, I was armed at delivery with a 6 page check list and a flashlight. The person completing my paperwork looked at me like I was a little crazy. I told her of all the stories I have read about and she acknowledged that early some of the cars coming to them were not perfect, but that time has passed and they would never have had me pick it up with problems. She also said that just like anywhere, there are good and bad delivery locations and they pride themselves on correcting cars before the person ever sees a problem. then when on to say... In fact they build that into the delivery date and they usually call customers to see if they want to pick up their car early if everything is perfect. I just happen to get one of those calls to pick up early, although it didn't work into my schedule, so I picked it up on the scheduled date.

I searched the car for any and all the problems people talked about. Glass was good, jack points were good, paint was good including by the hinges, no scratches or dents, scuff marks, ... so where are the problems? Well it wasn't exactly perfect, but nothing to worry about. I did note the hood was a little higher on one side, the charge door was a little off and didn't close flat, and a piece of trim on the inside wasn't snapped in completely. I took pictures of the issues and uploaded them and scheduled a service call from my phone. They are coming with the mobile unit to correct the issues in a week.

I have seen pictures of the problems with these cars, so I know they exist. I have to believe they are the exception and not the norm. I believe the responsibility of making your car perfect at delivery is on the people at the delivery center since they are the last stop before you see your car. Choosing the location where you are picking up the car is just as important as the order. I had the option of 2 locations, one had so many negative comments about service and problems, and the other had very little comments at all, so I figured happy people say nothing.

With all that, I am happy with my Performance Model 3. I hope others take a leap of faith and do a little research on where they pick up the car. Since happy people don't usually say anything, I figured I would take the time to let future owners know its not all problems. There is no problem with being diligent and you always have the ability not to accept the car if you are not happy with it. I hope this helps people on the fence about purchasing.
Both my cars (see sig) were near perfect. X had to have an adjustment on charge port door to close reliably (took five minutes), 3 needed nothing done to it. Yeah, look it over but some of the detail-ness is a bit overblown. Unless you are truly many hours from a service center, relax.

Have fun with your 3!