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Uneven Brake Dust Accumulation

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Any excuse for a road trip
Apr 29, 2015
Puyallup, WA
And it's not front to back.

We've had our car since the beginning of June and have about 2,000 miles on it. Since delivery I've noticed that the wheels on the driver's side of the car accumulate brake dust much more quickly than the wheels on the passenger side. I would expect there to be some difference between front and back wheels, but not side to side. I've always cleaned all the wheels with the same product and the same tools, and applied a synthetic wax to each wheel shortly after delivery. Thanks to our freakishly hot and dry summer, we've yet to drive the car in the rain or even on wet roads, so that wouldn't have anything to do with it, either.

I notice nothing else unusual about braking. The car doesn't exhibit any sort of pull to the left or right during braking (heavy or light, it doesn't matter). There are no unusual sounds, and there's no sense that the car is pulling to the left at any time.

Has anyone else observed anything like this? I've had new cars in the past and don't ever remember seeing anything like this on any of them.
Since you have standard 8-spoke 19"s, it can't be the difference (L to R) in air flow characteristics exhibited by the 19" cyclones and the 21" turbines. I wonder if Brembo has slightly changed their pad supplier/composition and your S was in a transition with different pads on each side of the production line (just guessing). Since your S brakes properly, I personally, wouldn't be too concerned.
Since your S brakes properly, I personally, wouldn't be too concerned.
Not too concerned, I just find it very odd. Washing the car yesterday, I needed a sponge and some elbow grease to get all the brake dust off the driver's side. I could rinse the passenger's side off with a low pressure hose and get the same result.

Just speculation, but it could be the way the radiator fans blow.
Hadn't thought of that. I would think that others would see something similar if that was the case.

Thanks for the guesses -- I'll keep watching to see if anything changes as the miles accumulate.