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Unknown User phone app

I have had my phone connected to the Y for 7+ months now.
It worked yesterday.
Today, I get Unknown User API error.
Both Wifi and Bluetooth are turned on.
I can log into the Tesla Account via the website with no issues.
I tried resetting the password for the Tesla Account which seems to have worked.
However, when I log in via the phone, it asks for username and password.
I provide the same information as I did when I logged in via the browser to the Tesla account.
I get Unknown User API error.
I read page 155 of the owner's manual which discussed the mobile app.
Mobile Access is enabled.
I got into the Y and it recognized the phone key and I could drive it.

Any thoughts, suggestions?
Man, what a pain... I had to actually physically get into the COLD car and turn on dog mode to get things ready for the trip today.
About 2.5 hours after I posted this, I tried turning off the phone and then back on again.
My phone now can connect and has access. My wife's phone still fails the login using the same values that I use.
Tried adding my wife as a Driver in the Tesla account.
Needed a new email address, which I provided.
Got the verification email and did the create password.
Sadly, her phone still can't open up the app with new email and password.
tried powering down the phone and re-starting it.
Get Sign-in Failed.
Deleting the app from her phone and then adding it back appears to have worked.
The car now connects to her phone.
then had to get the key card and go to the car and set her phone back up as key.
But at least things are now working... today
we'll see what joy tomorrow brings.
Since the weather forecast is for 10-18" of the white fluffy crap, not holding out much hope. :)

Thanks for that suggestion.