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Unlock Tesla Model S/X without key

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Since my car is often without GSM signal I would like to have a reliable local alternative to open my Tesla Model X without having to physically carry a key with me around (similar to the Bluetooth based connection for the Model 3).

I read some threads of the diagnostic port (and the CAN bus protocol) and the ethernet header but didn't find reliable information if this is possible. My alternative would be to use a spare key and solder a relay to the unlock button.

So: is there any signal (preferably over the CAN bus) that I can send to unlock a Tesla Model X/S?
I read about the OVMS that it doesnt support (un-)locking the doors of a Tesla Model S but a Tesla Roadster, and as far as I understood that project is using CAN to communicate as well, see the following link.

TeslaTap however says, that the door (un-)locking signals should be on CAN2, see here.