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Unplugged Performance Model S Refresh

Updated my 2015 Model S with the Unplugged Performance’s Front Fascia refresh. I am very pleased with the outcome. Had a couple bumps with shipping, I think due to some events UP was attending, but other than that all went well. Body shop (listed below for anyone in the Denver area), did a phenomenal job. They said they thought the part was well made and well shipped. They also said the fascia fit so well “it was like pulling your bottom lip over your head”, but it ultimately provided a fit/finish that is arguably better then OEM. On a side note, the frunk closes much tighter and requires a little more pressure to close, not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

For those of you debating the upgrade, pull the trigger! Much cheaper than upgrading to a newer model and in my opinion it looks better than the newer models.

Next - reinstall the front Lighted T. I will try to take photos and document the process as I couldn’t find any refresh instructions anywhere.

Denver area body shop:
Sharpy’s Rod & Custom
Ask for Mark
Sharpy's Rod & Custom - 303.920.9330 - Hot Rods, Class Car Restoration, Custom Painting


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Regrettably mine is very much worse. There are large gaps where the hood meets fascia and headlights and large bulges under the headlights. The job was done by a high end regular body shop, we don’t have any custom shops here in Sydney Australia. The current thought is that heat was used to cure the paint causing distortion and that distortion is symmetrical. From in front and far away it looks sort of ok.
It seems likely that UP may offer me a replacement fascia. Who is going to bear the cost of painting the part is another question.
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Sorry to hear that. I must admit I didn’t sleep well the night before the work in fear of issues. Happy to throw in $20 via a gofundme to help out a fellow Tesla owner.
Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. My purpose in posting was to warn that there are indeed pitfalls out there.the plastic used by UP is not exactly the same as OEM and apparently behaves a bit differently under both heat and distortion. So apparently it is better if you get a bump - more likely to pop out with no ill effect, but with heat may well distort. I am talking about the type of heat lamps usually used by panel shops to cure paint fast. Most crash repairers only want to do insurance work, and then to push that stuff through fast. That is where the bucks are. Custom stuff is a major nuisance for them. You live and learn, the hard way in my case.
Has anyone heard from UP recently? I placed my order a few days ago and since have tied to contact someone via email, their FB page, their Instagram channel, etc. Nobody is responding. Is it a business or a mom and dad shop? Just trying to understand what to expect...
Ok, well, a solution of sorts has been applied and the job looks a whole lot better but not perfect. As it is now, I can accept the end result.
What UP did was to make a linked double clip that fixes under the headlights with 3m vhb tape. Then, using a dremel saw cut two matching slots at the top of the fascia where they tuck in under the headlight. On reinstallation, the clips engage these slots and so hold the fascia in, much closer to the way they are supposed to be. I would say the appearance is 80% better.

Hello all. I have a 2015 P85D. I love it! I want to have to have it. For as long as possible. However, I am not a fan of the nose cone on the pre-facelift Model S.

What’s a guy to do? I ordered the updated Fascia from the good people at #UnpluggedPerformance. I then had it installed and painted by #TedescoAutobody They did an amazing job! My autopilot works great. Paint looks amazing and it looks like a new Model S.

please see the attached pictures.

Auto Body Shop - New Rochelle, NY | Tedesco Auto Body

Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System for Tesla Model S


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