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"Unread Watched Threads" is now available

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Aug 15, 2006
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New Posts feed used to have a filter called "Watched content" (which included any threads that are watched, and content from forums that are watched). We have essentially separated that out into two filters, one called "Watched Threads", and another called "Watched Forums" (which really means threads from watched forums). Most people have been asking for a way to see unread watched threads. To do that see the following screenshot:


You can of course combine with "Watched Forums" as well. If you want to see just Unread Threads from Watched Forums, you the select "Unread threads" and "Watched forums".These can all be combined with the other filters available there. Please let us know if you notice any issues with the functionality.
On the toolbar at the top (the line below "TMC, Home, Community..."), there was a button for "watched". Now both watched and "new posts" are only available after selecting a drop down menu.
So firstly What's New takes you directly to New Posts. Regarding watched threads, you can set New Posts to display threads that are watched. From our understanding this is how most users like to access watched threads, rather than just getting a full list of all watched threads when they've read most of them already.
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Is there anyway to bookmark "New Posts" with different filters set?

For example, my default is to have it only show threads and forums that I am watching.

But after I get all through those, I will start looking for new content, so I have to go in there and clear my filters so only Unread threads are shown - that takes 4 additional clicks after clicking on What's new. Before the forum upgrade, it was possible to single-click to get to either all watched content, or new posts, so it was a lot easier.

I guess it appears that I can bookmark What's new which appears to give me what I want except that it also shows me read threads - I feel like the "What's new" link should probably link there, but then the "New posts" link in the drop down should continue to link where it does already. I think it's easier to mouse over and then click on "New posts" rather than have to Click on "What's new" or "New posts" and then have to click again on "What's new".

Maybe if the "What's new" menu really links to "New posts", the text should be changed to "New posts" and the "New posts" in the menu changed to "What's new" and actually link to "What's new"? And maybe an "Unread posts" shortcut in the menu that shows you all threads with unread posts?