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Unscientific range test - 2021 Audi Etron Sporback


Doc Brown

I did a totally unscientific range this weekend with our 2021 Etron Sportback. Charged to 100% at an Electrify America station and traveled 149 miles to another EA station on the California Coast. Mostly freeway driving between 75-80mph with the AC on for most of the drive (85+ degrees ambient temp for 3/4 of the drive.) We made 3 stops prior to reaching our final destination. Elevation change was nominal start to finish.

ABRP had us arriving at the EA station with 25% charge remaining - car and Audi app showed we had 33% left. So - mostly freeway driving 75-80mph with the AC on and our range was just a bit better than advertised by Audi. I was really surprised that we still achieved the advertised range at the speeds we were driving with the AC on.

Again - not a scientific or controlled test - but the car really performed well.
wind, outside temps, elevation?
Well - the keyword is unscientific. That said. I started around elevation 200'aboev MSL and ended around 20' above MSL - over the 149 mile journey. A couple of short climbs of 500' or so - over the pass into the SF bay area and then heading out of SF towards the coast.

Temps most of the way around 85+ - down into the high 50's at my final destination.

Winds most of the way were 15-20mph out of the northwest (according to Weather Underground historic record). I would estimate 120 miles of the trip had those winds. I was traveling west.

That's the best you're going to get from me on conditions. I did have a great ceviche for lunch.