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Unscientific testing of RWD performance upgrade

My late 2014 S85 w/autopilot, and the performance upgrade listed in the release notes. It feels faster (particularly above 30mph) but you certainly can't tell from watching the videos.

These were both recorded on the same stretch of road... I recorded the 6.2 video last weekend before the upgrade.
In the second video the car did come to a complete stop, but not long enough to register 0 on the speedo. Whoops.

Tesla S85 with 6.2 - YouTube

0-60mph Tesla S85 with 7.0 - YouTube
Thanks, Thud.
Im in two minds about this, but they are two GOOD minds:
either the Model S is faster, now. All well and good :)
OR the Model S just FEELS faster now. Which is just as good, or better if you value your licence!!!
Thanks again,
I trimmed each video so that the first frame is when the speedo first shows 5mph, and the last frame is right when it shows 60mph. This was to rule out any inconsistencies with the launch.

For version 6.2 and 7.0, each video was 4.8s in length, which tells me there's no measurable difference in 5-60 acceleration with the 7.0 upgrade, or at least the difference is within 0.1s (video is 60fps too, so a smaller margin of error). But it definitely feels like there is. Maybe the appearance of greater performance has to do more with the revised accelerator curve? I hope somebody with a V-box is able to get some better numbers to work with. Why advertise "increased performance" if it's relying on a placebo effect?

FWIW my release notes clearly say "increased performance" for RWD models with "greater acceleration at all speeds".

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the 0-30 performance was gimped somewhat, and the 30-60 performance is quicker to make up for it.
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