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Unusual arrangement of Springfield, MO Superchargers


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Posting for broader visualization hoping someone has seen this elsewhere or has insight into why 5he superchargers are either arranged differently or if they might just be mislabled.

Not sure why i just noticed this while grabbing a quick top up to make it home, but instead of the typical 1A/1B, 2A/2B side by side pairings, Springfield has all 4 “A” chargers on the right and all 4 “B” chargers on the left side of the 8 in a row. So im a little uncertain if the usual 1A/1B pairing structure still applies or if the side by side sharing arrangement is still in play (i.e. 1A and 2A share a charger stack) and this is a matter of mislabeling. I do know it makes knowing which stall to pick/use trickier when there are other vehicles present. Note in the photos I took when they were first opened that they were not labeled at all.
1A 2A 1B 2B is an older arrangement of Superchargers, but the same numbers are still paired.

A few of these older Superchargers have been expanded recently and the older stalls were rearranged to the familiar 1A 1B 2A 2B.
Until you mentioned that I never realized that the difference in patterns is old versus new. However, going through my pictures, most of my charging has been at old Supercharging Stations and they all have the old pattern, as you say: Moab UT, Green River UT, Blanding UT, Grand Junction CO, Glenwood Springs CO, The Dalles OR, Centralia WA, and so forth. The newer stations have the new pattern: Denver CO, Price UT, Poncha Springs CO, etc. Never noticed that before.

I like the new pattern better because it separates cars on different pairs. I have a picture of three of us charging at The Dalles OR — a five stall station due to limited space — side by side, but all on different pairs:

Supercharging at The Dalles0817171829.jpg
^ California, Michigan, Colorado; all of us a long way from home! [8-17-17, a few days before the eclipse] (The middle of the five stalls at The Dalles OR is unpaired, for those who visit that site.)
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