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Update 2021.4.3 Release notes blank

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Some folks reported having issues with BT streaming, and BT calls, among other issues I don't really care about (arcade game issues, etc). I told my wife to wait, but the update showed up today, and she clicked on it, and I couldn't undo it, so it's updating now. Hope we don't have those 2 BT issues; we'll see tomorrow.
I checked the car yesterday, and BT worked fine with both streaming, and phone calls, so all is well here too. Maybe Tesla changed something? It's weird that some cars have issues and some don't. And I didn't do a soft reset after the update.
BTW the release notes look “blank” because the most item on the previous release was... “Release Note Improvements” complete with a big illustration of what the new release note format look like now.

Unfortunately, the illustration looks like a real UI that just didn’t finish drawing. Needs to have a big red watermark “Sample” ... or just leave it off altogether.