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Update roll out.

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There probably are some things that are worse than that

I don’t wish there was a way that once say a couple days goes by and Tesla sees no real reports of issue, they would allow everyone to update on their own vs randomly waiting their turn.
Yep. Apple does this — you can request the update manually as soon as it’s released or choose not to install it at all!
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Well, I don't know about 'never update', but definitely be able to choose 'buy buy buy' (Cramer style) or 'meh, I'll wait until I get it at the end of the line'. (Which is probably most of the 'normal' people out there.... :)

This would be like the old DirecTV 'betas': If you were tuned in at a certain time at night on a certain day of the week, you could enter a code on your DVR and get the beta release. But no one else cared.

Here we all get it whenever, even when us here want it NOW! :D