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"Upgraded" from 2014 S-60 to 2016 S-70D, love it!

Discussion in 'Model S' started by slam, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. slam

    slam Member

    Jun 11, 2014
    Hi All,

    I had a S-60 for about 2 years, and loved the thing. However, being up here in Canada I was worried about not having AWD since the winter last year was brutal. Driving a RWD car with insane torque on snowy roads was... fun. Last year in December I was at a mall here in Toronto (Yorkdale Mall) I decided to just stop into Tesla to see what the trade-in value of my car would be, and they offered me a pretty decent price for it. So that got me thinking about getting the 70D. So with the Canadian dollar sinking, and the price of the Model-S rising, I decided to jump and trade-in for the 70D.

    I got delivery of this past Friday. Now, this might be that I'm still high from the fumes from the out-gassing of the interior, but wow... I'm impressed! We also had dump of snow this week, and the AWD is definitely a must have. The car's acceleration is much smoother and more controlled.

    So I ordered almost a cookie cutter of my S-60, just without the power lift hatch. Tesla grouped it with the high-end trim package, and I really didn't need it. So it was almost the basic 70D but with upgraded the paint, next-gen seats, no sunroof, and that's about it.

    So my comparisons (besides differences between RWD and AWD):

    The Good:
    - front-trunk latch is so much better than the cumbersome double-latch on the 2014 models
    - mobile-data service is LTE (up from 3G)
    - standard headliner is much nicer, instead of the cloth like material, it's the suede like material
    - dash material looks more leather like, 2014 dash still looked like plastic
    - interior dome lights are a warmer colour temp and much easier on the eyes
    - I think the rear view camera looks a less noisy in low light. I don't have a screen grab from my old car so I can't be 100% on it.
    - I don't know if it was a software fix, but the auto-open/auto-close HomeLink seems to work better and at a farther range compared to my 2014 S-60.
    - the next-gen seats are comfy

    The Nit-picking (like really, really nit-picking):
    - the floor on the driver side is slightly longer, so if you're going to use your old Tesla rubber floor mats to the new car, you'll have about a 3 cm gap, not a big deal Even on my 2014 S-60 I still had gap, but it was smaller.
    - the driver side wiper doesn't sweep as far to the left as the old car
    - the top edge of the windshield is either a bit thicker or a bit lower, of the seat is a bit higher, I occasionally hit my head on it if I lean forward
    - seems to take longer to remove the charging cable, surprised me the first few times since I thought it was stuck
    - glove box is shallower than the older model years
    - proximity sensors say "stop" a lot sooner than the old parking sensors. I have a narrow opening in my garage door it tells me to stop every time I try parking
    - I miss the big circular speed/power/regen display. It looked more intimidating to passengers and provided some nice info at a glance. For power and regen info you have to use the smaller circular energy display which I find doesn't have enough detail.

    One thing to note (which people probably already mentioned):
    - The TPMS sensors are different between the 2014 and 2016 cars (I don't know when they changed it). So I had to change the sensors on my winter wheels.
    - the signal and cruise control stocks are swapped

    So there you go, 2 years and some great unannounced improvements. I don't plan on getting a new car for at least 5-8 years, so I can't imagine what improvements they'll have then.

  2. tstafford

    tstafford Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2015
    Nashville, TN
    I miss the 6.2 gauge as well.
  3. asudan

    asudan Member

    Oct 16, 2015
    Phoenix, AZ
    did you get AP?
  4. slam

    slam Member

    Jun 11, 2014
    Not yet, I was going to get it later this year.

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