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Upgrading wheels for Model 3 long range from 18" to 19" sport, PROs and CONs

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Hi everyone,
I'd like some feedbacks in matter. I've been watching tons of videos on youtube and reading article on the subject. Firstly
I'm not sure if 19" OEM wheels package is available yet for sale in australia yet. You can defo find them on tesla shop but it looks like is USD price (3500, not cheap! LOL).
Secondly I found out that the aereo 18" wheels, as far as they are not the prettiest wheel, it looks like they are the best in performance especially for aerodynamics. Watch the first 5 mins of this video. 10% increased performance!!
Also I found this other video where the guy actually downgraded his 20" performance wheels to 18" aftermarket ones that could fit in his performance model 3 (which has bigger sport brakes). Just hitting a pothole the whole tyre blew up and the alloy snapped too! Also he did some acceleration tests (0-100 kmh) and with smaller wheels his car was actually faster.
Honestly the main reason for me getting the 19" wheels would be aesthetic, I like silver better than the dark alloy under the aereo caps. Other alternative is buying the wheels cap kit for city driving which would make look them prettier but still for motroway drives is better to have the caps apparently.
I'm a standstill at the moment, although I'm super happy with the product as a whole even tho is quite ridiculous Tesla doesn't provide any space saver tyre and jack. I might just buy a repair kit + jack or the one they sell on their website.