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Usable energy for 90 and 70kWh packs?

We know that with the 85kWh pack usable energy is 74-75kWh. (that is hitting the road with 100%, driving till you see "Charge Now" and checking from the tripmeter energy used) So averaging 310Wh/mi that means ~240 miles on a single charge. Makes sense.

Has anyone tested this stuff out with the newer 90 and 70kWh packs? I think usable energy before cutoff makes more sense to calculate how far you'll go on a charge.

Side question; we know that the 85kWh pack consists of 3100mAh, 3,8V (nominal voltage) 18650 cells. (7104 of them) (p.s. none of this data is official. They're all educated guesses from what people on the internet and forums came up with)
  • 74 in parallel makes a group. (74*3,1Ah = 229Ah)
  • 6 groups in series make a module (3,8V * 6 = ~23V)
  • 16 modules in series make the pack (23*16= 368V) (Max. charging voltage is ~403V but I'm talking about nominal voltage, read about this somewhere)
  • 368V*229Ah = ~84200Wh --> 85kWh.

What about the newer 90kWh packs? I've read it was the result of better chemistry by adding very very little amount of silicon to the cathode. So let's say cells are now 3,3Ah instead of 3,1Ah, that takes us to a 244Ah pack. With the same voltage we get 89.865Wh, hence, 90kWh.

What do you guys think? Anyone tested their new 90kWh pack out?
This unofficial picture for the 85kWh battery might be useful to add: