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USB C Chargers/Wireless charging not working in my 2022 Model 3 Long Range

My 4 USB C Chargers and Wireless chargers are not working on my 2022 Model 3 long range. It was intermittent at first so when I took it to my scheduled appointment at a service center, it was working that day and they couldn't get it to "not" work! Of course afterward, it stopped working all the time and I scheduled service again and a mobile tech came out (great guy) and looked at everything he could. He even replaced the USB C charger ports in the little storage area under the screen but couldn't get it to work. We did a software update, rebooted the car and even disconnected the main high voltage from the car to see if that would re-set it. Since all those things failed, he told me to make another appointment and request the service center again. So my new appointment is this Friday.

A few side observations: When the chargers are not working, it affects all 4 usb Cs and the wireless charging. It does not affect the 12 volt cigarette lighter type charger in the center console. The USB in the glovebox has always worked and is not affected. I had one strange experience when it all started, the 2 front USB C's and wireless charger didn't work so I tried the back seat USB Cs and they did work. I immediately tried the front 2 again and they and the wireless all started working again for a while and then they all quit.

But now it's back to none of the USB C's or the wireless chargers working. Anyone else have this issue and can point me to any possible fixes to point them in the right direction?