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USB C with Tesla 3 (2019)?

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I have a MagSafe charger for my new iPhone, which requires USB C and 20W of power. Would like to use it in my late 2019-early 2020 Model 3. Jeda offers a hub that fits a 2019 M3, and has a USB C port, but when I contacted them they said it didn't produce enough power for a MagSafe. Is there any way to retrofit the car to provide the needed power? I've seen charging plugs for the cig lighter that have USB C ports, but that seems like an awkward way to do it, and I don't see any way of extending a line from there to the front of the storage console. Suggestions?
Anything you plug into the front USB ports can only draw what those front USB ports allow... which is 5v at a bit over 2 amps per port.

In theory something like this (if you can find a working one- the reviews on this one are...not great) it'd get you get 20 watts by using all the draw on both ports-

It'd be a pretty garbage use of the ports.... nothing left for dashcam, music, controllers, etc...

Otherwise you'll need to either tap a 12 volt wire up front (some folks have posted about how/where for radar detector installs) or you'll need to plug into the 12v port in the mid-console.

There's no passthrough from there to the front console area unless you want to drill a hole.... though some folks have had luck with a thin enough cable poping the console side trim off and running one between mid and front areas that way.
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Your best bet is to run to the cigarette lighter in the armrest. That's what I do for charging. You can route the cable out of the armrest and then down along the trim on either side of the center tunnel part. I really wish Tesla would have just put a cigarette lighter in that front storage area. Maybe someone will make a relocate kit or one to add an additional there some day.
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