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USB Charging

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I have a Samsung S5 (micro USB connector) and would like to charge it is my new Tesla. Does anybody know what kind of current the built-in USB ports can put out? Or should I plan to use the 12V adapter? If so, does anybody have any recommendation on a slim and black 12V micro USB charger that will work well in my car?
One more option is to get one of the $15 portable battery chargers. They usually have 2 A charging speed. I keep one of them in the car, and have the car's USB charging the battery at all times. The other benefit of this is that it frees up my 12V unlike the solutions above, and I also have a portable battery in case I ever need it.
The USB ports only put out 1A each. I just bought a 12V adapter from Amazon. It is very short and has 2 USB ports with 2.5A each. They should have one for your micro USB.

actually not even that. I measured them and the output is rather weak. The voltage drops to 4.66 Volt at only 0.7 Amp. So that's just 3.26 Watt.