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USB drive issues with Jeda Hub

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Hi All

Anyone having issues with MY not recognizing the USB drive on start up when plugged into the Jeda hub?

I have to unplug my thumb drive and move it to a different port in order for the car to recognize it.

Happens every day.
Which of the 6 USB outlets in the hub are you using? If it continues you might want to unplug the hub and try your thumb drive in one of the OEM outlets and see if the problem persist.
I have a 2021 with the flash drive in the glovebox. I am having the same issue. I have to unplug and replug the flash drive for the car to recognize it. I have the Jeda hub, but I am not sure it is the Jeda hub. Seems more like a software issue.
My tesla provided USB drive also has to be periodically unplugged and replugged to get the car to recognize it. It's terribly annoying. I've tried reformatting, etc. Nothing helps. I use the glove box USB port, so I doubt your issue is the Jeda hub. I have one too, just don't use it for that.