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Used 60kwh model s

Hey Tesla fans and owners,
I am about to buy a Model S. Because of budget constraints I am interested in an used 60 Model S.
Can owners of the 60kWh model please let me know what your experience has been with the car? Has the range been an issue? Do you wish you had bought the 85kwh car instead? Have you lost significant range over the years?
Thank you!
Things have been good with my 60. I get around 197 miles at max charge and 177 at 90%. Been to Tahoe, LA, and all points in between numerous times.
40k miles now since Jan 2013.
I see you are in SF so supercharger coverage is not a problem for road trips. Good luck!
I got my 60 in Feb of 2013. It just crossed the 40,000 mile this week. I don't typically do road trips on it, so range is not a big deal. The most I have driven is 150 miles on one charge and has about 20 miles left ( all highway going 75-80 mph). It is hard to tell about battery degradation since your estimated miles changes depending on how you have been driving, basically your average kWh/mile. I have noticed that my average is a lot lower than when I have an 85 loaner. I do kinda wish I had bought the 85 just because the few times I considered taking it on a longer road trip it would have been nice to get 200 miles on a single charge before charging and save a little time skipping a supercharger stop. I have also noticed my range changes with software updates, for a while it has been dropping and now it's back up again to when I first got it. I don't think there has been any degradation in battery range since I have gotten it. I have considered selling mine and getting another Model S with every new upgrade but I have gotten attached and there is no real reason to justify the extra cost. I opticoated the car and it still looks new. My only real complaint is I go through 19" tires every 20k miles. Hope that helps.
I also got my 60 in Feb 2013, and i just passed 42,500 miles this morning. :)

It's a fantastic car, and I've taken it on plenty of road trips up and down the east coast - primarily on 95 where supercharging is easy. It does add some time to the trip, but with a wife and 2 kids in the car, the regular stops aren't a bad thing - and we've tended to end up at our destination more relaxed and rested than if we had saved an hour or two.

That said - if you have the money for it and are planning on doing any longer trips, i might recommend the larger battery. It would be nice to be able to skip a supercharger now and again on a longer drive. For daily driving, makes absolutely zero difference though.
I love my 60 (24K miles). I haven't been on any long trips (over 200 miles) but it has been superbly reliable. I haven't kept track of the range changes although with the latest software my Wh/mi seems to have gone down so I suspect my range to be near original.

Might sell it when my MX reservation comes up though.
I haven't yet convinced my wife that we should replace her 26yo car.
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Love my 60, have 26,000 miles and get 180 on a 90% charge. Gone to Tahoe many times, I do not commute so range is not an issue. At the time did not see the need to spend another $8000 for an additional 60 miles. My dream would be that in 5 years Tesla will have another battery that will be cheaper and go more miles and can then swap it out.
I love my CPO 2013 S60, it has 13,500 miles. 200 miles at max charge, and 179 miles at 90%.

All MS are build the same, you choice what options you want. The problem and complains are options specific and not model specific, higher VINs normally more reliable then lower VINs.