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Used inventory - negotiate better price?

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You can buy an inventory car -- i.e. one that is still technically new but was used as a loaner or demo -- for less than the new price, but Tesla sets the price and is non-negotiable.

I guess I should add that around the end of the quarter some people have successfully had the doc fee waived, but the price of the car is the price of the car.
Can you get a better price than advertised for a used Tesla, by negotiating in store with their salespeople?

Nope. Not directly at least.

The only chance of a better price is if they later revise the price down as the car accumulates months and miles.

The drawback is someone may buy the car before the price is adjusted down.

Totally agree with @Boourns about timing. If time is on your side, keep an eye on prices and wait. Sometimes you will find better pricing towards the end of the quarter.Also, many feel sooner or later there will be a Model S update/refresh and when that happens, current inventory will likely be additionally discounted.

So any price adjustments come from Tesla, not from you. With the price they offer you, there is no further adjustment.