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Used Model X - would you pay more for a late VIN?

Hey guys, I’m thinking about getting a used model x and saw some 2016 90D in the $60k range. Some of the lower VIN (3xxx, 8xxx) is in the low to mid $60k, whereas some newer VIN (12xxx) is in the high $60k. Factoring in the $2k delivery cost for the lower VIN cars, the difference is about $7k ~ $8k. Does anyone know if there is a significant advantage of getting a newer VIN? Tesla advertised all of them to be 2016, not sure how many months apart are the lower and higher VINs. Would you pay $7k more for a newer VIN?

Thanks and appreciate any inputs!
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Dont get hung up on the vin numbers. The year 2016 Tesla indroduced Version 2 Autopilot Hardware. I purchased a 2016 Model S and took delivery of it in Sept. The following month TEsla was delivering 2016 Model S with Version 2.0 Autopilot. VIN numbers are assigned in Batches and assigned by Tesla to the assembly line in random order, but within a small range. Your question should be born or manufactured date, cause that is what makes the difference. Especially in a 2016 Model. All Tesla manufactured beyond Oct will have Version 2.0 Autopilot and thats probably the game changer in the pricing by Tesla
I'm in the same boat trying to understand the different vintages. I believe somewhere there is a document noting manufacture changes by born on date for the X, but haven't been able to find it.

I've heard that some of the late '15 born on date P90's were headaches. Somewhere the hinge assembly changed as well not sure when though. Ultimately I might be over analyzing the issue, where the warranty should provide comfort.