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Used OEM 2018 Tesla Model 3 front bumper metallic black

I have a 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor, metallic black. Just before Thanksgiving, 2020, a dude on a 10-speed decided to swipe my front bumper with his bike. There was no structural damage to the bumper, just a long scratch on the front left side of the bumper. The dude was cool and accepted responsibility. He paid to have a new bumper installed by Tesla.

I kept the original bumper in the event I might need it one day. But the thing is just gathering dust and I figured someone else could use it.

The bumper is in good condition. As far as I know, it is structurally sound and the only issue is the scratch. I figured someone that needs a cheap replacement front bumper and either didn't care about the scratch, or knows how to fill/buff paint the scratch, or plans to wrap their car so it doesn't matter the bumper is scratched, would be interested. The bumper was removed by Tesla technicians (see attached receipt). It has been sitting gathering dust in the garage, but otherwise has remained, untouched, for 16 months. It did have a License Plate Wrap that I had to remove (to get a replacement from the company). There are no scratches from the removal, but there is an outline in the pictures where the wrap was in place since I didn't wash/wax the bumper before taking these pictures after carefully removing the wrap with a hairdryer.

A new bumper was $950. So I will sell mine for $200.

I live in the 94404 zip code. Local pickup only. I will not even attempt to try to ship this.



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