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Used P100DL from Tesla with accident history, buy / no buy?

On Tesla.com I found a used 2016 P100DL X with 22k miles and AP1 for $76k that somehow also comes with free supercharging. Yeah, only has AP1 but with a P100DL, I would imagine buyers are keen on speed more than AP.

CarFax says:
2 owners in the past. Looks like the first owner leased it and then there was a lease takeover last year. Earlier this year, there was a reported accident on the CarFax. The driver rear-ended another vehicle and the front driver’s side was damaged. No airbags deployed.

Questions for the TMC crew:
I’m hesitant on buying because of the accident but if the car has a 4yr-50k warranty, should I really be worried?

Is AP1 still a sufficiently good driver assistant?

Think a P100DL will still be sought after enough in the future to overlook a minor accident and old AP1 tech? (will other speed fanatics, like me, want to buy this in 5 years when I’m ready to move on?)

How much do you think this will depreciate in the next 5 years?

Overall, is this a good buy?
A new custom order without FSD but with ludicrous and unlimited free supercharging is 104,990. That is white, black 5 seater interior. If the price is possible I would think that new one would be a better buy. Of course, Elon could change prices tomorrow.