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Used Sales Associate Recs

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In the market for M3 and have talked to a new vehicle sales rep and used rep. Both I have been pretty disappointed with, slow response times and not providing much value.

I am East coast, wondering if anyone has a good contact? The used rep I was talking to was from the West coast, not sure if they are regional or not.

Looking for low miles used Pearl White MR or LR, demo, whatever. I realize I could go new DM LR but trying to not go that high $ and it’s a little overkill for my needs. FWIW I do regularly check Tesla’s used listings & Tezz.la, I read that sometimes reps have cars not listed or not yet listed. Thank you.
Sorry to disappoint you but most Tesla reps are slow responding and low value. They don’t know anything about their used cars because they are scattered all over the country so the reps have never actually seen them.

To complicate things further, Tesla charges $2,000 to transport their used vehicles to your destination. And you lose the federal and state rebates by buying used. So most buyers have concluded that buying used actually cost more than buying new after factoring in those three items.
Gotcha, thx. The delivery cost is high, but avoid the $1200 new car destination. I realize I lose the Federal, but PA still has a reduced $1,000 rebate for used EVs.

Yup, you have all the right numbers. So you will lose $1,750 Federal, $1,000 state, and $800 additional transport fees. That puts the used car at a $3,550 disadvantage over a new car. So if you are hoping to save at least 10% for it being used, it would need to be around $4,500 less than a new one, less the $3,550 in tax/transport savings. But the used cars aren’t anywhere close to $8,000 less than the new ones. That’s why most people don’t bother.
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I truly appreciate the feedback. SR+ could generally work fine for me, but I have decided I really want the Premium interior. So that’s why I was exploring the recently discontinued MR and LR RWDs. Some 2019s pop up with super low mileage.

Tesla has 78 used Model 3 SR+ vehicles in stock. All are 2019 low mileage. They are priced at $37,100 when new ones are $38,990. That is why they are all still for sale. And you can’t even look at them because they are all over the country, and who wants to buy a used car that they have never seen before.

If you really want to buy used keep looking at third party websites like Autotrader, Edmunds, etc.
Totally agree, models currently available to buy new don’t seem to be worth exploring used…at least through Tesla directly.

My used rep told me if I had the car shipped and did not like it upon seeing it, I would not lose any money. Said the $2K transport is added to the cost of the car. I was surprised to hear they would ship across the US and be ok if I walked.