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Used Tesla Purchase - Newer with high mileage vs. Older with low mileage?


May 8, 2019
So California
Hi guys had a question, have been shopping around for a used Model S. I have been running into alot of used 2014 P85's with lower mileage (60K) some with AP1 and some without. Would you guys advise to go with an older model like this with lower mileage? Some were private party and have had the MCU and Batteries replaced recently already. I also found a 2016.5 S75 for the same price but with higher mileage 95K. I also found a 2017 70D with 60K but its a few thousand out of my price range but can try to convince the wife about the higher payment. What would be your recommendation on the model? Also, I was also planning on purchasing the X-Care Warranty but was worried about the battery which is not covered with the warranty. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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Mar 10, 2016
Newer, higher mileage for sure.

All of the cars you’re looking at have 8 year, unlimited mile battery and drive unit warranties from Tesla - all the more reason to go with a newer car even if you think you need the X-care coverage for everything else.

Source: 2016.5 Model S owner with 120k


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Dec 17, 2012
Cary, NC
I think for the most part, repairs are reasonable outside of the battery and DU. So the newer essentially means greater life. So a 4 year old car has 4 good years left while a 7 year old car has 1 good year left. That doesn't mean it is worth 4 times as much at all.
But, since you mentioned payments, you should not be making payments on a Tesla without a battery/DU warranty. That would be foolish financially. Out of warranty Tesla's will probably be valued at around $20k. That way if the battery goes down, you are out $10k since you can probably get $10k out of salvage. Paying anymore would be foolish.
But a 2017 75D would have 4 good years left - valued at $5k a year or so. Subtract $!k a year for repairs. And then you could be worth almost $36k - since it would go down to $20k after the 4 years. High mileage would deduct a few K.
I have a 2015 70D. In my mind, worth $25k. Just 2 years left on battery warranty. 92k miles. Depreciating at $3k a year roughly.
I think there is a pretty good rational floor on a Model S. It is somewhere around $20k. My car is still fantastic in many ways and hard to beat at just $3k depreciation a year. Most repairs are not huge financially. I am out about $1k since warranty expiration. I have another $1k in things I haven't done yet - but they will be like $400 DIY.
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Sep 6, 2018
Colorado, USA
I don't think the comparison is that simple. FAR too many other variables to definitively say which car is better or worse and that's before you even get to the unique needs to the person asking the question. Too many people on this forum are quick to voice an opinion (usually resembling the decision they made) before they even know the details or needs.
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Apr 29, 2021
This is the exact topic I am searching as well. I am seeing out of warranty 2013 model S for around 25-30K, just up to a 2016 (3 year drivetrain and battery warranty left) and the price really jumps up to above 40k. Obviously newer is "better" but is it really? I am looking for a used telsa with transferable unlimited supercharging (I know 2016 and earlier with MANY caveats) as this will be my daily commuter (approx 30 miles total per day) with a supercharge once a week. I don't want to invest in installing a level 2 charger. Is it really that much better to get the newer vehicle for 15K more? Aside from autopilot changes and other minor changes which I really don't care about. Appreciate thoughts! thanks

P85D PaulM

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Apr 29, 2021
Port Saint Lucie
I just Picked up a 2014 Model S P85D for 36k w/ 60,000 miles. Super Clean and didn't buy from Tesla. Private Dealer. I went from a 2015 Sierra 4x4. The ride quality and $$$ (gas) savings was worth every dollar.

I drive it 87 Miles to and from work 5 days a week from PSL to Plantation Florida. No issues I was super skeptical for buying a used one but I think it really comes down to how the person took care of it prior.

Good LUCK! and keep us posted.


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Sep 7, 2014
Washington, DC
Agree 100% with Ostrichsak. Figure out what’s important to you - range, performance, ride, equipment level, supercharging speed, autopilot (and if so, which one), warranty, RWD or dual motor, MCU etc etc. Fit that to your budget, search far and wide and eventually your car will find you. But cross-shopping an early P85 with a facelifted 70D is comparing apples to oranges - both fruit, but very different.

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