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Utah - Legislatures to be at the National Drive Electric event in Murray

This morning I spoke with Representative Kim Coleman who's been trying to gather support in the legislature to allow Tesla to do direct sales in Utah. We're getting closer to the possibility of putting another bill through the House.

Basically - she's been wanting to do an event for some time and this weekend's event in Murray ( National Drive Electric Week Event - Murray ) is as good a time as any. I know it's late notice, and some of us already have plans for this Saturday, but I plan on being there with my S85 to answer questions regarding Tesla and the dealer laws. Rep. Coleman said she'll try to get fellow Legislatures out there as well.

The more Model S owners and supporters we can get out to the event, the better.

If you know anyone (owner or not) that would be able to attend, please pass this along.

If you're able to attend, please let me know. The more RSVPs I can show her, the higher the likelihood this will be a success. EVs of all kinds will be there - let's make the Model S outnumber them all!
Pretty good Tesla turnout with as many as 8 Model S. Good times.

Once exception was when I arrived I asked the guy in the white Ford (?) electric parked in the middle of the Teslas if he could move a couple spaces down so I could park in with the rest of the Teslas. He said no. Same when another Tesla owner asked. Eventually I asked the BMW guy and he moved over immediately so I could fit in with the rest of my "kind". So on the friendly scale it's BMW 1, Ford 0.

One of the other S owners there (you know who you are :) ) had a drone shooting aerial videos of the event. With luck he'll post one here.

A member of the state legislature was there and spoke but did not mention the situation with Tesla. The sponsor of the "Tesla bill" (not what it's really called) did not show.


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Yes, aerial footage please!

I was there the full 5 hours. Gave so many rides to people I lost count. Since I have the jump seats, I filled the car with kids several times. I might have convinced a few young mothers to replace their mini-van (which is essentially what I did).

Rep. Kim Coleman did finally show up at around 3pm (the event ended at 3:30).