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V10 and front park distance sensor

My garage is very short, so I have to pull up very close to the stairs that lead up from the garage to the house in order for the back end of the car to clear the garage door. From the time I got the car in May until this week, the front parking distance sensor has been very accurate in reporting the distance of the nose of the car from the support post on the stairs. When the red line on the front of the car image on the screen is almost touching the nose of the car, I have pulled in sufficiently.

After the V10 update, the sensor is reporting the car being at least 6" further from the support post than it really is. This came as quite a shock the first time it happened, as I actually bumped into the post (slowly fortunately) while the sensor was reporting that I was still 6"-10" away from the post.

I suppose I can get used to this new behavior, but everyone should beware of this change.
I’ve seen issues with ultrasonics being inconsistent especially with close quarters. I wonder if some part of the software was redone from scratch for v10...

We use hardware in our garage for precise parking (tire mats) and before that the rear camera showing a mark on the floor, but I’m sure you’ve explored all that. Personally, I don’t trust ultrasonics for ultraclose quarters and have never even tried Summon for garage parking. :D
Same issue here. My garage is also very short so I depended a lot on the parking sensors to pull up closer to the front wall for the car to be able to completely fit into the garage. After the V10 update, the parking sensors still showing there is a lot of space left when I was mm away from touching the front wall. Was lucky not to scratch my car. Everything else about the V10 is working great except the front parking sensors.
I have recently noticed that my parking sensors for front and back don’t work at all. The sides however work fine. Mobile service said everything checks out. I do have a wrap on the car but that was done months ago and I have had no issues until a few weeks ago.
I suppose I can get used to this new behavior, but everyone should beware of this change.
What you describe has not happened for everyone on V10. There was another thread on this topic, and when I got V10 I checked the accuracy of my parking sensors; they had not changed. I find them remarkably accurate. My Model 3 gets pretty close to objects in my small one-car garage so I am quite used to relying on the parking sensors.
I have about 3 inches in front and 3 inches in the back of clearance when parked in my garage. Given that the parking sensors cut out at 30cms (~1ft), I couldn't use sensors to park and fit sufficiently because it would just say "STOP" when within less than 30cm(1ft)...
I didn't like the idea of putting pads in front of the car due to the already limited clearance and I just don't like hitting/touching anything.

What I did was park verrrry slowlyand carefully inching up a little at a time until I found the 'line' that I needed to stop at (took maybe 5 mins). Put a long brick (or block of wood) at that line and I just pull up and lightly tap the brick and throw it into park.
Been parking scary close for 5 months now and almost cringe every time I look at how small the gap is.