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V10 and Voice Commands?

now it just sucks. Before I would ask a passenger what song would you like to hear and then tell my car to play it and most of the time it did. Every once in a while it would play another song by that artist but usually I could get it to eventually play the song. And my passenger would be so impressed.
Now after the update if I ask it to play a song it just pops up a list and a keyboard.WTF!! Why would I need a keyboard to use "VOICE" activation?? Just so dumb. And now no matter how hard I try I can not get the song I want to play no matter what I select on the list.
I just don't get how this is supposed to be an improvement. What am I missing here? And is there any way I can go back to the way it was?
Well, it seems to be working again, 2015 MCU1. I did not know it can search for songs.....

Quickstrike: I don't know how yo use yours, but it seems to know only 3 or 4 commands. I use only "Navigate" and "call". It works pretty well if you stick to the commands.
Thanks. I’ll give it another chance. Maybe I need to pay attention to my exact phrasing.
It just seems lately when I hit the button the delay before I can speak (the ding) takes a LONG time. Are you guys “holding” the button or a single press.?
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MCU1 works well for me though the command list is short. I only use call, play and navigate. IMO navigate is exceptional. I've tried using voice to navigate with Garmin, Ford, Honda, Lexus and BMW prior to Tesla. Voice navigation with Tesla was the only one that worked as you would expect it to work. Hell it was the only one that worked. Go ahead try it. Sit in your vehicle equipped with voice navigation and say "Navigate to ______". Fill in the blank with home, Starbucks, Restaurants near me, Memphis Tennessee or and address. How'd that work for you? All, other than Tesla, gave me a migraine, My model S gave me directions. YMMV hopefully you have access to better systems than I had. Let's hear your results
I've noticed this too since v10. No Spotify or any changes, but it doesn't automatically play the requested song and opens up the screen with the keyboard and maybe the artist or song as an option. Tried to demo it during rides recently since it worked well in the past and now it's a no go. Maybe it'll be fixed in the next update.
To me the voice system in Tesla is one of the hidden gems of the car.
The only "limitation" is that, like Siri, it will not work well (or at all) without internet connection.

Allow me to promote it a bit...

Listening to music:

- The command Play, can be followed by a song title, artist name, podcast name, mix of title and artist, genre of music. Eg Play Where the streets have no names Pet Shop Boys.

Note 1: It will never start the song directly but instead fill-in the search of the media player and display the results. Up to you to pick the one you looked for.
Note 2: You noticed I did not add "from" in the command, between the title and the group's name. It's because it would fail: the Play command sends all the words after it to the search function of the media player, and would add "from". As this is not part of an artist name or song, it would not return the expected result.
Note 3: The Play commands makes a search in a kind of music related only database imo. It tries and often matches existing songs or artist quite efficiently. Impressive

Finding a place

I very much like this one to check on opening hours of places:
- Where is, followed by the place name, and optionally a specific town/city. Eg Where is MacDonald's in Chester's Mill

Searching for restaurants or any type of place

- Drive to restaurants: This will list all restaurants around you
- Drive to restaurants in Chester's Mill: This will propose all restaurants in Chester's Mill

Off topic, but I cannot resist to tell something not everyone knows: when the navigation returns a list of places, you can indeed touch the name of the place and that triggers the navigation. I guess you knew that:p. But you can touch the "POI symbol", at the right end of each place in the list, and that will just focus the map on that place and open the detail bubble for that place (opening hours, ...).

Use case: you are looking for a restaurant open on monday (restaurants are often closed on monday's around here): "Drive to restaurants near <town>" will list restaurants and then by touching in turn each "POI symbol", I can check whether they are open or not.

Start Navigation

- Drive to XYZ, where XYZ can be anything that a google search can find: name of a place or business. You can add details to narrow down which specific place you want: Drive to tennis club in Walnut Grove

If you have Favorites saved in the navigation, you can also use that name to designate your destination. Say you have "Grand Ma" saved, just ask Drive to Grand Ma

If you defined your home and work, you can ask to drive to home or to work

Another hidden gem: instead of using voice, to drive home or to office: on the screen, just drag down (or right), the "Navigate" Button. That will trigger the navigation to work if you're home in the morning, and to home if you are away from home. So easy :eek:

Cancel: Cancel Navigation

Also for the non english native speakers, it is multilingual and is able to recognised mixed languages. I have it set up in French. So that means I need to use the french commands (Ecouter, Aller à, Où se trouve...). But for songs, as I listen also to english music, I can say in french the command, and then in english the artist's name or song title.

Voice in the Tesla is imho just plain brilliant.:cool:

What I miss

My contacts have often details of their address. Although you can open the contacts list, and touch their address to navigate, I'd very much like to be able to ask "Drive to Tom's" or in french: Aller à la maison de Tom ;)

What Tesla can improve

In french, the translation is not ideal to call someone. It's the infinitive form of the verb, so not how you would speak naturally.
So it is like if for english, you'd have to say "To Call Jack" instead of "Call Jack".

Request to moderators (@bmah): the subject of voice commands is a recurring topic and imo well worth promoting. Could we have a topics in the Sticky of the User Interface? (One share across all models ?)
Isn't the OTA update capability supposed to be an advantage that Tesla has over other "legacy " cars? I've read quite a few people on TMC say that their cars constantly get "better" as Elon releases updates. However, it seems like a crapshoot if these OTAs make the cars better or worse.
I think it depends on your expectation. The noisy folks asked for Spotify. Tesla listened (after a bunch of years) and when implemented they clearly didn’t think about making a default player choice for the voice commands.