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v10 dash and mcu crashing

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I want to check to see if anybody has been experiencing system crashes in their cars after the v10 upgrade?

So far I've been experiencing crashes every time when I use voice command to call somebody or when I try to access the phone section on the center console.

My specs:
2017 Model S
Version: 2019.32.11.1
My 2014 Model S downloaded v10 last night, and this morning the center screen wouldn’t boot up properly. I rebooted using scroll wheels, still doesn’t work. Tesla support says I have to take it to a SC.

I found out that my MCU keeps crashing when I call somebody with an EMOJI symbol in their name. So looks like the newer version doesn't support that anymore. I used to have a heart icon next to my wife's name.
My MCU has been unstable a number of times since V10 in my MCU2 S. I don't make calls on it but I've had it lock up a couple times while the car sits idle, stop updating GPS twice, not bringing the dash screen on without pressing the break a few times, and the speakers pop a lot when it's waking up. All new behavior to V10.

They have been releasing many updates so I expect much of it will be ironed out but only time will tell.