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V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

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Apr 20, 2019
Seattle, WA
So we have the thread for everyone whining or excited that they didn't/did get the update, so this thread is JUST for impressions!

So here goes!

1.) HW3 owners - the backup camera is still frame-y, which is a bummer. I was hoping they'd have smoothed it out for V10 so it at least matches HW2.5 owners in terms of frame-rate.

2.) Netflix and YouTube are awesome. You can log in to both, and the ambient lights turn off at night when the show starts. Super awesome.

3.) iOS 13 iPhones etc do indeed show their own artwork. I had a few albums that show no artwork on V9 Tesla software. Boom, the phone is now transferring its own over Bluetooth.

4.) Smart Summon is mindblowingly awesome and absolutely going to annoy the living heck out of a lot of drivers. It's very cautious - SUPER cautious... which is great, because rather too much than too little, right? But it will stop and think for what feels like an eternity if things aren't quite "right", for reasons unknown. Also, it draws a crowd. Even at 9:30pm at a quiet grocery store in Seattle. It's the future, and it's only going to get better.

5.) The Vent Windows feature is awesome, though I wish you could customize how open the windows get. I'm not sure I need all four windows open as much as they do, but this is a great start. If you left the window/s fully down, you can close them, too. If ANY window is down, the control will say "Close," so you'll always know.

6.) For the Early Access Program users, there had been a 50GB limit in the Tesla VIN/Odometer page, but in the public release there's no such limit of any sort. I was able to watch YouTube etc no problem over LTE. Not sure how long that will last.

Anyway, those are my first impressions. This is a phenomenal update.
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I don’t think he’ll be back that soon...

You're not wrong. Still in the car. Having the time of my life. Dear gawd this is awesome! Don't judge me for loving Disney, but the Duet function is PERFECT for couples, splitting the songs into his/hers parts. You can mute/unmute the "original" (cover) voices using the microphone icon toward the top right.

I'm officially living in my car now.
Never coming out. The most important question is: Do I just grab my pillows/sheets from the bedroom, or get new pillows/sheets just for the car? I'm locking the doors. You can't make me leave.

Aaaaaand back to Frozen. I'M THE QUEEN!!!!

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Too much Caraoke, not enough Smart Summon. :(
Yeah, I’m surprised there aren’t more videos or comments posted yet. Perhaps folks are still out on the road or in the parking lot? By the crack of dawn, we may see more. Certainly by mid day tomorrow. Nite

I know I wouldn’t make night time the first time I tested it, so can’t really blame them for exercising caution. That other guy nearly hit the pole! Lucky.
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