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V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

So what's the verdict on V10? I don't care about smart summon or games. My number one, number two thru number 1000 concern is AutoPilot performance. Are the nags more frequent? Is it back to phantom braking? Is AP improved? My car has been nagging me to install it but I have been hesitant...


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Apr 2, 2014
Seems people should just use regular summon for backing out of a garage. Tesla needs to find a way to disable SS from garage or have it use the old mode until it's sure it's out in the clear.
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Two notable improvements:
1. Autopilot following a car that has stopped in traffic. The car (with v10) accelerates more forcefully maintaining the following distance. I no longer need to prompt/urge the car to follow the car ahead me with a tap of the accelerator (before on v9 it usually lags).
2. New to me. "Joe Mode" under safety & security. It makes the Autopilot chimes volume more soft. I believe the chimes do not sound from the rear speakers anymore. I would hope that this applies to other warnings such as hitting the speed limiter chime. Usually the passenger in the back say, "slow down," immediately afterwards. It be best that the driver is privy to this information.
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Mar 24, 2019
I received V10 (2019.32.11) on my 2018 model 3 yesterday evening. It has some great features in it. I've noticed the following issues so far:

1) Beach Buggy glitches and reboots. This has happened two times
2) Netflix works great on most occasions. Once it glitched and rebooted the car as well
3) Smart Summons when tried on a local parking lot was a dismal failure. It seemed to want to drive ahead right in to a car parked in front for some reason


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Apr 11, 2016
Two new comments:

1) Sentry mode and dashcam are hardly ever working and my USB drive is plenty fast enough despite my 3s opinion. Basically it works 2% of the time, and it will likely be of no help when/if an incident happens.
2) Summon, while it previously worked like a charm was a complete idiot today. I parked in a perpendicular spot head first, all it had to do was back up and drive straight to me, no complicated maneuvers or objects. Instead it backs out and starts driving the opposite direction for no apparent reason! Fail.
So what's the verdict on V10? I don't care about smart summon or games. My number one, number two thru number 1000 concern is AutoPilot performance. Are the nags more frequent? Is it back to phantom braking? Is AP improved? My car has been nagging me to install it but I have been hesitant...
This is my view as well. I'm not going to live in my Tesla 3 as its just a car to get me from a-b cheaply & safely.
Why would you pay 6k to be able to drive the car out of the garage or drive in carparks with no driver.


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Jun 19, 2019
Seattle area
This is my view as well. I'm not going to live in my Tesla 3 as its just a car to get me from a-b cheaply & safely.
Why would you pay 6k to be able to drive the car out of the garage or drive in carparks with no driver.
Because some people fall over themselves (and others) to get parlor tricks and gimmicks. Tesla wouldn’t spend the money developing them if they didn’t think people would throw cash their way for more. I’m not one of these people, as I would prefer improved driver aides and safety features.
Ouch. Saw something similar on Reddit. It seems SS has difficulty with garage door openings.
Ouch, be extra careful with Smart Summon when exiting your garage : teslamotors

"Come to me" worked OK for me around a corner in an empty parking lot. I often use regular summon to back the car out of the garage, and have never had concerns or an issue. "Come to me" backed out like it was making a turn while still in the garage, possibly even preparing to turn the car around to drive toward me rather than just back out. I think I'll be considering smart summon as an interesting beta feature, but pay very close attention anytime I use it.


Apr 26, 2019
Den Haag
I've had the chance to evaluate V10 for a few days and I'm generally not impressed. I'm in Europe, so that probably makes a big difference, but with all the posts about it being so great, I'm pretty disappointed.
  • I don't care about games in my car. I think it's a waste of storage space and effort
  • No smart summon (was expected)
  • Autopilot regressed: it's much too twitchy and nervous behind other cars, very uncomfortable in my opinion.
  • Auto wipers seems worse than ever. Failing to wipe in strong rain, even to the point that AP cannot properly see the lines, and still starts wiping in a tunnel without any water on the windscreen
  • I've had AP hardware reset while driving, alerts blaring and all. First time that's happened to me
What I do like:
  • The new visualisation, and the ability to zoom out and look around
  • Being able to vent the car from the app
  • Caraoke (well, my daughter does)
I'm just hoping the EU regulators will allow Tesla to make AP a bit less dangerous. Especially the 5 second blinker rule is awful.
OMG. Smart Summon did this?

Yes. I tried it 2-3 times in various spots for 2 days. And then this happened. The normal summon used to stop (merely annoying) but this so-called "smart" summon, I did NOT know, would go overboard and do this before I can even lift my finger off the app (which is completely disheartening for the entire family).
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Sorry to see your what I assume is not so Smart Summon damage? Or is this damage due from the human behind the wheel? Just posting pictures without explanation isn’t helpful.

Every day I "dumb summoned" my car out for one year. Often I had to issue summon command twice, but that was ok.
The "smart summon" did this.
No human behind the wheel.
There was no sudden change in surrounding as suddenly I saw the wheels turn and car move in a turned way at this spot.
The damage is minor for the car, and major(and not so smart) for the emotions of my family :)

Using paid customers as your free beta testers is a shame. TEST MORE! THIS IS RISKY.
Using paid customers as your free beta testers when they have to now OWN the REPAIR COST is F-ing ridiculous.

Yes, there was the disclaimer in the V10 version's "Smart Summon (Beta)" writeup. That is why I was watching and I lifted the finger. But there is a lag before car stops AND the turn the car took was rather abrupt and fast.

On the good side, V10 is way better (smoother, and faster) on on and off ramps. It performs way better . on left turns and follows the car ahead nicer when a red light turns green.

But, I'll be paying for the "dumb repairs due to smart summon".
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So far I've found AP to be a lot smoother with acceleration and deceleration, especially in stop and go traffic. It also seems to choose an inside line when taking curves at speed which is also nice. No phantom or sudden braking experienced so far. A couple times this meant that my car stayed a little close for comfort to cut-ins, but it somehow feels less alarming than sudden braking like it would probably have done before.

NoA is still rather useless for my commute since it doesn’t understand which lane to be in and is not nearly early enough changing lanes to follow route without ending up getting stuck next to a wall of cars and holding up traffic.

New visualizations are cool but mostly useless. I haven’t tried interacting with it yet so I may be missing out on something though. Double line (do not cross, e.g. express toll lanes) visualization was added but the detection seems very low confidence, constantly switches between single and double line with very good visibility. Maybe my imagination but animations in the driving vis seem higher framerate than before. However, UI performance like menu scrolling is still the same (kind of subpar imo, compared to what Apple has conditioned us to expect from big glossy touch screens).

Daniel in SD

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Jan 25, 2018
San Diego
It's funny that some people think Autopilot has gotten smoother and some think it's worse. For me so far it's been smooth but I haven't driven in traffic yet. I've always felt TACC has been pretty bad so I'm optimistic that they've fixed it. I'll withhold judgement until I see how it performs when I'm driving behind a bad driver. Smart Summon is fun to play with, especially if you route it towards another Tesla also using Smart Summon, but I'll never actually use it.
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Anyone has tips on how to easily undo these small, "smart dents" at home?

Although I booked appointment (like 2 weeks out, cuz Tesla probably got busy due to smart summon dents), I'd love to not pay for something I can easily or "smartly" un-do.

Who loves paying for freaking dents caused by well-advertised, almost-hyped, push-installed, BETA software?

Yes, again, I read the "(Beta) agreement", but NO such software should not be in our parking lots and drive ways controlling 1 ton vehicles with "blind" spots. No software company I know would push such quality out the door even for pure software products.

Please help..
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Oct 22, 2018
San Diego
Had a ton of problems with 2019.32.11.1 today on my road trip with auto lane changes. I was using NoA with ULC disabled.

It seemed fine in the early part of the trip, but after entering Nevada it seemed to decide it was afraid of the lane lines. It would start to change, then freak out as it crossed the lane line, beer back a bit, and then (usually) complete the maneuver.

At first I thought it might be due to other vehicles, but I had it happen even when there was a lot of space (not much traffic at all). I forgot to press record on the Dashcam.

Happened at least 10 times. Reported the bug three times.

Glad I was by myself. Never would have heard the end of it.
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Jul 10, 2019
Northern Nevada
Spotify is nice

The cars around you don’t seem to dance as much (at all?)

The web browser works better, but can still be really slow on complex sites

The location info stuff is nice to have

The entertainment stuff doesn’t really matter to me since I don’t take a lot of long trips where I'll need to wait to supercharge.

Haven’t tried autopilot yet.

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