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V10 - No Nav on Autopilot button on Nav Screen

I received 2019.32.11 on Sunday, and yesterday received 2019.32.11.1 - not sure when it started, but since I received V10, I no longer have the "Navigate On Autopilot" button showing on my navigation screen. All of the NOA controls are still set in the menu, but no way to access it to use it - very frustrating, given all of the other steps backward from V10 and other recent updates - Slacker still jumps songs or starts songs in the middle randomly, AP acts drunk with very small side to side corrections constantly, it's now hugging the median on the HOV lanes again, and it randomly shuts off with a "Autopilot Not Available" warning on the screen (and no lane lines in the screen rendering display) only to become available again in 15-20 seconds of driving. Sentry mode shuts off randomly with screen warnings and push notifications, although you can turn it back on immediately with the app or the menu...so losing another existing feature is frustrating, especially since many of the new V10 features are not available to my MCU1 17 S90D anyway...

Anyone else having issues ???
Happened to me a week after buying. NOA worked great for a week, then disappeared. Have been meaning to schedule service but I didnt gather a huge diff between NOA and regular autopilot anyway so just hasnt been a priority.
True, here in Switzerland the only diff between noa and ap is that noa suggests lane change... still need to confirm with stalker... I am just curious what happened

It still automatically takes the exit at least. Kinda bizarre that it can do that while no doing automatic lane changes. NoA is virtually useless in Europe so I leave it off. Because it suggests unnecessary lane changes to the left lane that is the fast lane while the right and correct lane is virtually empty.
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It gets better if you disable "suggest lane change based on speed".
it will still suggest a few unnecessary lane changes, but much less than usual.
Also, it takes automatically the right exit from highway.

I think it is because to change lane there is the need to check that no-one is in the destination lane (the car does it, but probably regulation says that the DRIVER must check before lane change), while it can take an exit because that is not defined as a lane change in the law.
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Completely agree. And yes, forgot to mention that it takes the exit by it self. Then finish. Also here in EU no smart summon and the auto steering is limited to 10? degree or so...pretty much dangerous when middle of the curve it says suddenly: ups it is all yours now !
Just a bug. Will get sorted out. I had the same issue. Then today all of sudden it was back. I think I went to settings and turned off Nav on AP, then turned it back on. Or vice versa. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but the button was back today and I didn't have an update on the car since yesterday.

Just be patient. Remember, any time you have an issue, try rebooting before you do anything. That solves 90% of the issues.
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I had the same issue (along with MANY OTHERS on 2019.32.11). AP 2.5/MCU1/FSD.

A more startling issue - when NoA is available, it doesn’t take my exit to work. It shows the graphic like it wants to turn right, but never puts on the blinker or turns the vehicle. I have to override at the last second just to take my exit. Happened everyday last week...I’ll get a video tomorrow.

I also don’t know why I haven’t received 2019.32.11.1 yet. I’ve had V10 for over a week and would love an update to hopefully fix all the bugs I have. Software preference Advanced...”Your car software is up to date.” Has it not rolled out for MCU1’s yet?
I have got back the NoA button to nav screen. It was working yesterday - could activate - but on the same route on the back I couldn’t activate it.
Today the same, NoA set, button available, road is NoA capable, however cannot activate only normal AP... see picture, maybe someone can spot something on it


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