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V11.3.4 Standard Run (at night)

2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, HW3, FSD Beta, 147K V11.3.4 (2022.45.13)

Very long.

Did the standard run, but at night.

What improved: Micro slow downs appear to have been fixed. The left hand turn on back country road improved but still needs a little tweaking. It does not come to a complete stop and does not overshoot as far. Previous 2022.44.30.10 ( it would slow then stop on the road past the turn before turning. The left turn is close to a Y, and the car is coming from the bottom turning onto the left branch. The road is also on a curve and traffic travels at 50 plus miles per hour. Car has clear view up the left leg of the Y, but rather than angle into it, it goes slightly past the middle and then turns back. Now it slows, but still turns a little sharp.

The following immediate left turn it now does correctly. Before it would slow to much, hunt for middle of road then turn sharply. Now it turns more human like and only slows a bit.

It turned into the parking lot at end of route very nicely, slowed, turned blinker on and did an easy right turn into the partial incline. If you are not slowed enough, you will bottom out front of the car. Nicely done.

What is still broken: The traffic light, will be a long long time before it will be able to tackle this intersection. Rather than a + it is more like a X intersection with a railroad track running diagonally through the bottom legs. There is a flashing yellow light about ~150yds before the regular traffic light at the intersection. A Stop here on Red sign below the flashing yellow. Another ~10 yds up is the Railroad crossing lights, hardly ever on, followed by the tracks, then no mans land from tracks to the intersection. Reason it is no mans land is the trucks on the bottom left of the X, turn onto the bottom right of the X and swing way wide to make the turn. Anyone caught in no mans land when a truck is turning there has to back all the way across the railroad tracks to get out of the way. Plenty going on there, Flashing Yellow, Stop Here on Red, Railroad Lights, Tracks, then light ahead at intersection. Humans have a hard time with it and get caught in no mans land, they didn’t heed the Stop Here on Red (which should really be Stop here on Yellow). Bottom Line it tried to negotiate all of this, stuttering, going, slowing, going, up towards the traffic light which was Red. Fail.

I did not do the return trip. Instead headed off to a friends house with lots of back country 35mph twisty hilly blind curve farm roads. It struggled with these before. Shocking, I made it all the way to his house without any disengagements. The car handle them surprisingly well. Very impressive.

Took the highway home, but didn’t pass any trucks to see if it slides to the left. Highway went excellent, and the exit ramp didn’t have the excess speed and ping ponging. I made it all the way to a shopping center along the route, there it turned the blinker on and got into the turning entrance lane on the left, even though the map showed straight ahead. Oh well, 1 disengagement on that leg. This has never happened before in any of the previous releases over the past year or two.

Today we had a few disengagements. One coming off the highway onto another main road and it had to get over 4 lanes in short distance, made it to three lanes, but traffic was all backed up in that left turn only lane, had to abort, it couldn’t get over and it may have tried to stop on the high speed road in the fast lane trying to find a spot. Ugh No we won’t be doing that today.

Turning into a store parking lot entrance off main road, enough for 2 cars, 1 car entering and 1 exiting. It slowed, put blinker on, started the turn in then wheel cut hard left into the exit lane, had to yank it back. Not good.

In the neighborhood on very wide entrance street with no center lane markings leading out onto a secondary road, when making the left turn out of it, onto the secondary road it was way over on the left of the road, stopped too early then turned wheel hard left blocking anyone who may have wanted to turn into this neighborhood from the left off the secondary road. Had to abort it. Weird, had to be 25’ of open road to the right of the car, yet it went way over to the left side.

Bottom line, it has gotten better and now gives us new things to watch out for. I do like the highway, pretty neat, I think it might actually be finished. Need more testing to be sure. An area on one of the highways where it sometimes had trouble it no longer slowed there. OH yeah, this is really new and pretty interesting. On the highway up ahead off in the distance a car was coming up the on ramp, my car put it’s blinker on way before we got even near that car coming off the ramp. I shrugged it off, but it did it again today on a different highway. Is it really seeing the cars that far away and moving over in advance like you and I would do? If so, this is really good and freaky. Is it really planning ahead? Wow. As others have said the highway lane changing is very well done.

Be careful out there, keep testing and reporting. Go Tesla.

Screenshot 2023-04-07 3.06.48 PM.png
Nice report. Thanks. I also noticed vastly improved results with V11 on twisty, hilly country roads. It was nearly unusable before and now is nearly perfect. I don't really use it in town. Seems kina pointless really, more of a novelty.
Nice report. Thanks. I also noticed vastly improved results with V11 on twisty, hilly country roads. It was nearly unusable before and now is nearly perfect. I don't really use it in town. Seems kina pointless really, more of a novelty.
I also just went through one of my standard frustrating "slow down" spots, and it did not slow down this time! progress . . .