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Vacation homes with chargers

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I wish the rental websites would incorporate this as a filter option. We resort to looking in the descriptions for notes and if we find a place we really like we message the owners and ask. Although that has backfired since the owner said they had an RV plug, which of course was not a 14-50 receptacle. It took three days to charge up the car on a 120 volt plug in the garageo_O
Several people have requested AirBnB have that as a filter. Hasn't happened. We do list our house on AirBnb as having EV charging and have had guests charge.
AirBnB does have an amenity checkbox for EV charging but no filter.
Another request to AirBnB might be helpful in getting them to add a filter.
Are there any lists of vacation rental homes with charging capabilities for Tesla’s and other EV’s? We have a Tesla 3 and we have a 50 amp charger at our rental house.
I have been searching for this too. We just bought two homes in Cape San Blas, Florida and installed Tesla chargers and want to market them to Tesla owners better. I wish AirBNB had this as a search function.
Last month o rented a cabin and two doors down there was a couple who had their he charging on Plugshare which was almost as good as being at the cabin.
How does that work? You go over and plug in if the spot is free? Do they get compensated for the electricity they provide? I see this quite frequently on PlugShare but haven't had a need yet. I'd just like to make sure that I am following the proper etiquette. Cheers