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Valentine One radar detector mount.

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BlenMounts are very clean, I had one on my V1 Gen 2 in my Audi S5 before moving to the Model 3. It has a mirror power tap available as well, but unfortunately there is no switched power in the mirror like a lot of other cars. Some people just remember to turn the radar off or remove it when not driving to avoid the battery drain. Others hardwire it down in the footwell to switched power. Works well.
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I’ve run a few versions of the V1 Gen 1 in five different cars and always used the suction cup mount in conjunction with hardwiring for power in some way (tapping mirrors or sunroof controls, fuse block add a fuse, etc). For now in the Tesla I’m just using the 12v power in the armrest to power the V1 (and the Bluetooth LE module the Gen 1 needs to run V1 Driver). For a mount, I’m just using an inexpensive suction cup phone mount someone here posted about.

A helpful thread:

Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?
Hi! I am new to Tesla and also to this forum. I just finished designing and publishing on Thingiverse a radar detector mounting bracket for the Valentine in a refreshed Model S. I am using it in my car and I am very happy with it. It mounts to the leading edge of the headliner and uses the sun-visor post for stability. No tools required for the install and quickly removable. Here is the link: Radar detector mount for Tesla S by fl_mike. You can find lots of services to print it if you don't have a 3D printer.

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I designed and 3d printed a mount for the Model 3/Y. Not meant as a permanent mount due to thefts or whatever your concern maybe.

Not ready to release this on Thingieverse yet. Trying to get paid for the time I spent to design it.
Ping me if you are interested.


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I used parts from my existing rearview mirror mount for my V1 and drilled a hole into the molding. Also drilled a hole for the wire. Put a large flat washer on the other side and strips of thick double-sided tape to prevent vibrations.

Ran the wire up, around, and below the glovebox. Tapped into the switched 12v socket under armrest. Brown was hot and the other was ground on a '22 MYP.

I suctioned cup mine as high as I could and ran the wire into the headliner then the pillar driver side to under the steering wheel compartment, to under the center console and into the 12v socket in the armrest.
Is that connected to the windshield or the screen? Pic of the backside?
My solution is for locations where you would not want to leave you radar detector in a visible location. As a previous resident of New York , a frequent visitor to Chicago, LA and San Fran and other urban areas I would not want to leave my radar in the car as that opens an opportunity for a quick burglary.
MY solution is not Permanent in any way and requires no "Steps" to install or remove, yet it sits there like it's screwed on.