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Valet mode

Getting the car ceramic coated so overnight stay and was thinking of using Valet Mode. But I notice that it also locks the front boot - I guess they are going to want to get to that area. Any work around?

Its more to do with restricting access to the touch screen and not mucking up seat positions like other garages seem to do. I'm sure this is a game that mechanics do.
Had a chat with 3rd party body shop and they said no....

You would have to disable pin to drive and give them a key.

Create a new profile for the garage then choose that when you get there

That too...

You also don't need to do that for Tesla as they disable everything with their software to do the work. The 3rd party guy said that Tesla is working on a better solution to pin to drive... How true that is I don't know.
Yes the ghost immobiliser would be another alternative for the Pin to Drive but so much easier for Tesla to implement through software rather than having it 'fitted'.

With pin enabled Anti Hijack for a Tesla is put it in park and run off

Don't the cars already react if the driver'sbum leaves the seat?
What I'd like to see in an anti-hijack feature is that the car would work for a small time before being disabled - I'm not much of a runner so I'd need that 30 second head start :D