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Valet service & Mobile Access

Should Tesla service turn off mobile access when servicing a car?

  • It’s my car they shouldn’t be messing with stuff unrelated to the service.

    Votes: 14 25.5%
  • They can turn it off whenever they feel like it, they’re the experts

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • Turn it off only when actually working on the car, and then put it back to original setting.

    Votes: 20 36.4%
  • They need a mode that shuts off potentially bad things and then use that

    Votes: 14 25.5%

  • Total voters
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The valet service Tesla offers is fantastic -- they come to your door, drop off a loaner and drive away in your car to get it repaired. It combines the test drive (to see/reproduce issues) and the verification drive (post fix) with the whole service process and is really convenient.

On thing I thought was odd is that on pickup of my car the Tesla valet turned off mobile access before he left my lot. I can see how when they're working on the car they don't want people flashing lights, honking horns etc. But for the valet part i'm not sure how I feel about that. I can't think of a good reason for disabling mobile tracking during the valet part of the process.

I asked the guy when he picked up the car if he worked on them too and he was a bit vague but basically said he was just a valet if that matters.

I figured i'll poll the community and see how people felt about the whole thing.

Poll answers are limited in length. The last one is intended to be:
"They need a mode that shuts off potentially dangerous things while leaving on other things like tracking of speed/location then they can enable that mode at any time."
Looks like I'm the first one to vote! I just had a valet experience yesterday. I noticed regen was set to low. Creep was left off, even though the loaner I got had creep on. I'm willing to let the valet configure this basic driving stuff so that they are comfortable. I'd rather changes those settings back than have the valet hit something because he's not used to have strong regen or used to having creep mode on. Similarly, I can just hit the profile button and get the seat back to where I want it.

I didn't check to see if he disable mobile access I guess because once they pick the car up, they are responsible for it.

All that said, this is why I LOVE Tesla. The whole service experience was fantastic.
I recently had my first service. They picked up my car at home on a flatbed, but drove the car back to me when the service was finished. When they called to tell me that the driver had my car and was on the road back to my house, i turned on the app to see where he was. To my surprise, I could not connect because Tesla had turned off mobile access. I called the SC and they told me that their policy was to turn off mobile access when they were working on the cars, but then it was supposed to be turned back on when the car left the shop. They called the driver and told him to turn mobile access back on, which he did.
I've only used the valet service once but I've had several loaners and service has never one time turned off my mobile access. I've had it at both service centers here locally once for my drive unit to be replaced (at seattle) and I was able to see what it was doing and where it was the whole time and same with bellevue when it's just been there for small things a few times. But I've checked each time and I've always been able to connect. Not because I don't trust them. I do implicitly. Just because I live an hour away an it was my way of gauging for traffic when I'd need to leave to pick it up or ask for an extra day and get it the following day.
Like most policies, they are created because something happened. We had someone here post a thread about calling the police when he saw his car parked somewhere other than the service center so thought it was stolen. That was a valid concern but the police were called first instead of the service center. The car was brought in I think because of a noise while driving so the service tech decided to drive it home overnight then back to try and figure out what was causing the noise. The whole event caused them to now ask if they can drive your car if you bring it in for something like a noise and also to turn off mobile access since people can also honk the horn, flash the lights and do other things while the car is being worked on.
What is odd is that the SC's have their own WiFi. They could simply filter mobile access across their WiFi. That would prevent bad things from happening while they are working on the vehicle. They could also filter at their servers and avoid changing the car setting - through a "Check-in to SC" and "Check-out from SC" protocol. I would have serious issues if the SC let a tech take my car home for the night. That is not cool and not something I would be likely to authorize if asked.
I too share a concern on Mobile Access deactivation. I approached the local SC and asked that they consider the policy. In short that mobile access remain active anytime the vehicle is traversing public streets. Once it is at the SC, I understand the need to deactivate (e.g. assume the HVAC system is being accessed and you play with the Mobile Access climate control. There is real possibility to damage the system/car. )

On the other hand, while the car is being operated in the public domain 1) as a Tesla owner, 2) as a TSLA stockholder and 3) as a supporter of the EV movement - I support the concept of "inspect, what you expect". If the valet/concierge knows that the owner has the potential for eyes on their actions, it only has upside gain. Given the capabilities of the car it would seem a valid expectation. I do not see any rationale for having to deactivate the system during valet/concierge travel.

On the topic of my local SC, I was told that they have adopted this adjustment to their Mobile Access policy. I have had only one SC visit since that time (late last year), during which this was the new observed practice. However it may have changed in recent months. Apparently this has not been made a company-wide standard.
I had my car valeted last week for the battery shield installment and they didn't turn off the remote viewing. I watched them drive my car (at 78mph) the whole way back to my house.

Do you have to ask for the valet service? I took my car in this weekend for its annual service, the underbody shield, and another issue. Nobody offered to come pick up the car and return it to me. I forgot about the existence of the valet service until afterwards and was wondering if it's fully in place or what you have to do to get it.

They did turn off the remote access, and it was not turned back on when I picked it up. The one previous time I had my car in (I ran over something that shredded a tire and needed to get it replaced) they did not turn off the mobile access and I saw the car being test driven so knew I'd soon be getting a call that the car was ready. That was several months back so I guess they've changed their policy on it since then.