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Vandals can/might attract people to Tesla.

Should Tesla lead the way in some kind of "caught by TeslaCam" website/initiative

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    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • No

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Don't care

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I'm reading story after story about how Tesla's are catching vandals and potential thieves in the act with dashcam footage

I'm wondering if Tesla should lead the way in creating a website to display said-criminals and their nefarious acts.

I'm confident that even ICE cars would be inclined to fight for a space next to a Tesla if they were more aware if its abilities to keep their cars safe as well ......who knows?

Any kind of public exposure such as this has the potential to attract people to Tesla....with the result of a cleaner and safer planet.

Tesla Sentry mode catches several more people vandalizing cars - help find them - Electrek

On second thought....Tesla's around the world might be getting their cameras taped over with masking tape ( by vandals ) or something....oh well....

What do you guys think?
I'm not sure. Seems like with more exposure, vandals could just get more creative to avoid the cams.

I don't understand the need to key another car. It's never crossed my mind to key a car for no reason. It's like coffee drinkers hating on tea drinkers. It's just a different kind of fuel.
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