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Vehicle Connection Error using Tesla App on iOS


I get a vehicle connection error when using the Tesla app. This usually happens after I leave the car alone for more than a day or two. I’ve tried restarting it by pressing the two scroll buttons on the steering wheel WITHOUT pressing the brake pedal. I’ve also tried quitting the app, force quitting the app, and restarting the phone, Turing Bluetooth back on and off. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

Secondly, what’s the difference between restarting with and without pressing the brake pedal?

Thank you,
I should clarify that the vehicle connection issue fixes itself when I wake up the car by opening the door. But it returns after I don’t drive for a day or two.
I was away for 6 days. Car was not plugged in. Came back updated to V10. I have used the tesla app & teslafi app without any issues. My Sat radio went a little nutty on me today, but i rebooted & nothing much improved. However, I left car and came back 5 min later everything back to normal. i love this car even with its erratic techy persona.