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Ver 7's impact on AP cars, without AP (>58XXX VIN)

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Feb 13, 2013
-The new power display, on P85D, has 536HP (400kw) as its maximal value.
-Tesla's new V7 car graphic still takes the center, even without the option
-As with perhaps all V7, the power/regen display is both smaller and moved to the side
-The P, R, N, D icons are moved to the lower, far right
-The side proximity sensors visually go off quite a lot, for weeds, jersey barriers, and vehicles.

I cruised the displays, and held down the right/left scroll wheels. There seems to be no way to bring the power/regen gauge back to the center (correct?). I am still evaluating whether to add AP, but would judge the non-AP experience as worse. The most prime real estate on the dash board has been occupied by a graphic, that basically confirms I'm driving. Instead of white road lines, you get deliberately hard to see black-filled ones. I find the actual white, or yellow, road lines easier to look at. The frequency of the proximity sensors going off might annoy AP users, as well, and hopefully Tesla tones that down. It is what the non-AP user sees though, as now speed, energy in and out, gear selection, lighting, etc. have all been moved aside and/or shrunk. I find them harder to see, and behind the steering wheel, too.

I have no bone to pick with an option that is so awesome you just have to have it, but I am not sure many will conclude the late, non-AP cars are better. That shouldn't be how they sell the retro-fit. Fair? If this (small?) group agrees its actually worse, I hope Tesla will listen.