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Version 10 Videos

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2019.32.2.2 has also fixed dancing cars. When at a light, the cars around me are now completely stationary. There's not even a little jitter. And when one of the cars creeps forward, the visualizations shows a very smooth creeping motion. No jitter.
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I just got version 10 (2019.32.11) and did some test drives. I have a January 2017 Model S, AP2, paid for FSD. Summon is truly amazing. First time I tried it, it wouldn't back out of the parking spot. I moved to a different parking lot and tried again. I didn't think it would do anything, so I held the button on the app without really checking if anyone was coming, it backed out of a parking spot and started driving toward me about 100 yards away. A car came up from behind me and had to stop because my car was now in the middle of the lane. I was ready to run jump in and apologize to the other driver when my car turned, drove around the car and came all the way to where I was standing and stopped. I was amazed. I didn't get a video of it but will try again later today. The Homelink button in the app says there is no car connected even though the car opens and closes my garage door every time I come and go. Driving is getting more smooth, less ping ponging around in the lane compared to 32.2.2. Lane changing is smooth. Does not recognize stop signs or stop lights. Makes me touch the wheel more often, every 11 seconds if I'm using the accelerator pedal instead of every 20 seconds, it even locked me out when I didn't touch the wheel right away. Shows some cars driving toward me on the other side of the street but not all of them. The pictures of the cars no longer jump around, very stable and shows different shapes of trucks, cars, pedestrians and bikes.
Here is a long video of my first drive home from work on version 10.