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Version 2 of front/rear camera switch now available

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We're now ready to begin production of V2 of the front/rear camera switch. See the links for more information on this innovative solution to seeing on the touchscreen low obstacles in the front of the car that could cause damage when parking.


Teslarati article

We're assuming an initial production run of 50 units.

The camera switch PCB in a case with two remotes and receptacles and connections for the front and rear cameras and touch screen, 12v power, ground, and reverse signal will be $195.00 each. A refundable pre-production deposit of $100 will be required. If we don't reach 50 deposits production will be canceled and deposits refunded.

To make a reservation deposit please PayPal (as a friend) $100 to [email protected]. I'll post progress on reservations every few days. As I said, if we don't get 50 reservations your deposit will be refunded. The balance will be due when we're ready to ship. Let me know if you need more info.

Other parts needed for installation are as follows. These range in cost (depending on the source) from about $100 to $200.

Tesla cables:

CABLES, HSD, LIFTGATE, CAMERA (1006780-00-D) These are shorter cables and 2 are needed, one for a gender change between the long cable (below) and the front camera; the second to connect from the PCB touchscreen receptacle to the existing touchscreen cable.

CABLE, HSD, BODY MAIN, CAMERA (1006781-00-D) This is a long cable. It connects to the short gender change cable attached to the front camera. This long one then plugs into the PCB port for the front camera.

Rear camera (which becomes the front camera in this application) There are several options on eBay, Amazon, or from Tesla. Here are the Tesla options:

CAMERA - REAR VIEW 1006773-00-F (Used on vehicles built before July 9, 2016. OK to use and replace 1006773-00-D and -E.)
CAMERA - REAR VIEW 1061269-00-B Ok to use -A. Used on vehicles built on or after July 9, 2016. Not compatible with 1006773-00-D/E/F.
Can you elaborate a little on how difficult the installation will be? Something best done by a professional? Also, how will the front camera be accessed?

I read through the other thread you linked but it was very long and figured having a nice summary here would be useful anyway.
Providing an update.

We have several test versions from the initial production run which we'll evaluate over the next several weeks. If they check out ok we'll go to full production and ship in October. When we're ready to ship, all depositors will be asked to pay the final balance due, which, true to our original estimates, will be in the range of $95 to $100 plus shipping. The camera switch, remotes, case, and if you ordered them, the cables, will ship together.